Story Time

A Little Boy Changed the Lives of Hundreds of Firemen and His Story Made Them Do an Incredible Thing

We try to enjoy our life full. We have plans for everyday and our future. We know how to live it. But what if you are told that you are about to die? Yes, it can be heart wrenching. At this moment you have to stay courageous and steadfast. Not only you but people who love you.

There is a story of a child who was very brave. But he was facing something serious. What was it? Was he saved? What was his last wish? Did his last wish came true? What was his dream and who inspired him a lot? We will tell you everything.

1. Little Boy Carrying a Note

Firefighter stations are not meant for public and no one can step inside them until a special permission is given. But something surprising happened in the fire station when the firefighters allowed a little boy to come in the station.

The boy was allowed to enter and when he entered the fire station, he went to a fire fighter. Grabbed his hand and placed a note into his hand. After reading the note, the firefighter busted out in tears. Now, the question arises who was the little boy and was written in the note. We will tell you in this article.

2. A Cute Young Boy

Jim, a firefighter was on his duty and was busy in daily work. He was so busy in the work that he didn’t knew what was happening around him. So, unaware of the surroundings, Jim continued his work. At that time the cute little young boy entered the firefighters’ station.

The firefighter was still busy in his work. But when the boy came he grabbed the man and hugged him. At first, the man didn’t recognize the boy and he was shocked that why would anyone hug him. He was so surprised and he cannot figure out what was happening around him. Yes quite surprising for him.

3. Paper

What was happening? Who was the boy and what did he want? No, one knew. Jim was in a shock and was looking at everyone in a surprise. What was happening and why the boy hugged him? Who was the boy and what he wanted? Nobody knew!

Jim was still in shock when the boy moved slightly away and then took out a paper. The paper was small and crumbled. Before Jim asked him something, boy looked into his eyes and then gave him the paper. What was in the paper? And what happened next? Lets dig into the topic.

4. Jim Reads the Paper

Right after taking the paper, Jim looked into the boys eyes. He was so cute and adorable and it seemed like the boy wanted to meet Jim eagerly. So, Jim was amazed by this cute boy and his cutest reaction. What was the relation of the boy with Jim? Why boy looked so happy and why boy was handling him the paper?

Well, there are several questions, we will reveal one by one. Jim took the paper, opened it. And read what was in the paper. It was quite surprising for Jim. When he read, he was overjoyed and overwhelmed. And he started crying right after reading the paper.

5. Who Was Jim?

Before knowing that what was written on the paper. You must know that who was Jim and what was his profession. Why he was in the firefighter department and what was his rank. Well, he was an American and a head of firefighting department.

Although it was a tough profession. But he got courage from his inheritance. He was so courageous that he never feared of danger. This thing made him a firefighter. He had saved many people and other stuffs. His forefathers also served the firefighting department. So, it was in his genes. Quite interesting and great duty he was having!

6. Tragedy

If you are related to such professions. Then there are chances that you can meet the dangers more often. Not only this, but any incident can leave you in shock and you will not be able to think or justify what has happened. There are many firefighters who eye witnessed many unbelievable shocks.

Jim also had recently faced something like that.  After that incident, he was unsure about what was he doing and what was his duty. He was more concerned and also confused about his profession. Somethings change our lives. And this was the turning point of Jims’ life.

7. Recent Incident

Some incidents make us feel guilty for the things that we didn’t actually do. But this thing makes us think that we might have saved someone’s life if we could do something. But when something is written in fate, it will happen no matter what we do.

Same thing happened with Jim. There was a young fire fighter who was recently appointed. But we think that becoming a firefighter and dying like this was in his fate. He was dead in a rescuing mission. He left everyone in shock and Jim was unable to answer. He was very upset and confused.

8. Best Day

He was living the life of guilt. He always thought that he could have saved that young man. The inner peace matters a lot. And he was not peaceful at all. He remained upset and quite for several days. And he didn’t know how to response to anything that happens around him.

But when we have pure feelings and positive intentions. Then God cannot leave us in the state of depression. He loves his man more than anything else. Same thing happened with Jim. A day when he met a stranger, changed his life completely. He was so happy and it seems that there was a new hope.

9. Meeting the Other Firemen

Being a head is not easy, you have to take care of every person. And being a head of such sensitive department is not an easy task. You have to make your people happy and motivate them. Not only this, no matter what you have to stay firm and steadfast just to keep their morale up.

Jim was a sensitive man and after the incident, he became more sensitive and serious. He went to all firemen and ask them if anybody needs any help. He assured every person that he will help them no matter what. He motivated them and raise their morale.

10. FDNY

What is FDNY? Well, FDNY is the name of fire department of the New York. With every perfect thing in the department, there is a force of almost 10,000 firemen who are serving New York and areas around it. They face many things together and rescue many people.

Well, Jim as a head, reached out every fireman who was there on the day of incident and keep them motivated. He gave them courage and asked them to keep their morale up no matter what. Jim asked the firemen to be brave. The incident that happened almost affected everyone. But still, they were courageous.

11. Young Boy

As Jim was busy in helping the firemen and know them what has happened. There was a surprise waiting for him. He was busy and suddenly he was told that a young boy wanted to come inside. Usually the young boys and children were excited to see the firefighters and firemen. And most of them wanted to explore the department.

But there was something about the boy. Jim sensed that boy was on something else. He was heading towards Jim only. So, he was quite amazed because he had not seen the boy in his entire life. What did the boy want?

12. Tucker Dukes

Tucker dukes, a young boy who often visited New York. What he wanted and why did he wanted to visit the fire department? There are many questions and you will get answer of everything over here. Like other young boys, he was also very passionate.

Tucker was not a resident of NYC. But he often come and visited NYC for a numerous reasons. Why he visited NYC and what was his purpose? Well, he had a hobby and he thought that the best place where he can follow his dreams is NYC. That was the reason he often visited NYC.

13. A Happy Place

Tucker lived with his mother. She often take him for the trips. They lived in Ronald MacDonald’s house. They were happily living and his mother made sure that he explores the best places. So, she often took him to different places.

Tucker was a happy child and then a time came when he found what was meant for him. They were on a trip and when they passed by FDNY. Tucker was so amazed and happy to see the place. It seemed like his biggest wishes come true.  After all he had a great connection with the department. But what was it?

14. They Saw Jim

Tucker and his mom stopped at the department. They both were so happy and glad to see the department. They looked at the people, the firemen, fire engine and emergency services department. Everything seemed like movies.

At that time, they saw JIM. He was busy in the conversation and he was heading towards somewhere after that. They waited for him to get free. After the conversation ended, JIM moved towards his bike. At that moment tucker and his mom went to Jim and stopped him. Then Tucker requested Jim that he has something to say. Jim was wondering what a boy would request for.

15. Tuckers’ Love

Most of the children have courageous people idols. You may have seen the children obsessed for policemen, army men, fire fighters and rescuers. Children always think that they can have the super powers too. For this, they set their ideals and want to become like them.

Tucker also had someone as an idol. He was a fan of firefighter department. He told Jim this thing and his mother also told that Tucker wants to become a fire fighter. At first, Jim listened to them and thought that it was a usual thing. But then he was surprised by the fact that Tucker was obsessed.

16. Love for Department

We often take the things along us that we love. Those things often represent our interests. If you are a fan of marvel series, then you might have something related to captain America, Hulk or anyone else as a fan. Similarly, we also have things related to our favorite people.

Children are also obsessed with the things that their favorite character has. And most of them keeps them even if they are adult. Same went for Tucker. He had everything, every toy related to fire fighter department. Jim noticed his shirt and said that he can imagine his craziness by looking at the shirt.

17. Dress up Like Them

Jim started showing interest in Tucker. The cute boy was looking great in the firemen jacket. He was no doubt a biggest fan of the department. But how can this happen? Jim was amazed. Mostly, the children if love something, they get bored soon.

For the one time, children will love a thing and for the other time, they will be mad for any other thing. But how can be a little boy so obsessed with the department and he was consistent about his obsession. Jim was amazed and asked his mother why Tucker took fire department so seriously? What had happened?

18. Father

Most of the children get obsessed with the professions their parents are working for. Especially the parents who belong to courageous departments like fire fighter department or any other like that are having children who are obsessed to become like them.

Same was the story of Tucker. His father was a fire fighter in Huawei. Tucker always visited his fathers’ department and loved the way his father served everyone. We must say that his super hero was his father. Jim felt soft after listening this because he was also from a family of firefighters. So, he asked the question about the Tuckers’ father.

19. Father in Hawaii

The courage, the bravery and the power comes from the genes. Tucker was also a courageous boy. So, he also wanted to become a fire fighter just like his father. Now, Jim was wondering where his father is. So, he asked his mother that where is the father.

Mother told that his husband was serving in the fires department of Hawaii. And they live here. They will meet him soon after many months. And Tucker was anxiously waiting to meet his father. Jim was amazed and was so touched that the son was away from his father. But why? They can be together.

20. Neuroblastoma

Everyone was looking the child with love and care. But everyone was thinking the same question that you are thinking about. Why on Earth a father will leave a child and his mother in a place from away from him? Sara, Tuckers’ mother soon got aware of the confusion.

So, before anyone could ask her, she herself answered the question that was hopefully the next question that anybody may ask. She told that her son was suffering from Neuroblastoma and for the sake of treatment they are living in NYC. It is sad that such a cute boy was suffering from the fatal disease.

21. What Is Neuroblastoma?

If you are unaware of neuroblastoma, then you might not know the pain of Sara and her husband. But we are going to tell you and we bet you would be shocked after hearing this. It is also a cancer. Yes, a cancer that occurs only in children.

Children under age of 5 years suffer from Neuroblastoma and there are no chances of life. These children are facing the death. It is fatal. It was no doubt hard time for Sarah and her husband. There cute child was at a risk and they were unsure about his life. It is so hurting.

22. Stage 4

Everyone was sad to hear the heart breaking news. What will happen? Will the child cure? Are there survival chances? Everyone has question in his mind. Such a playful and happy child was facing such a fatal disease.

So, they asked why they are leaving. Is Tucker safe now? Sarah nodded her head and said no. It was a stage 4 cancer and only few days or months were left. Although cancer was taking the life of their son. But there was something else that was not okay for their child. Cancer was not only reason, but there was something else.

23. Hard Treatment

The cancer not only hurts the person who is suffering. But there is something else that a person goes through. The cancer treatment is itself painful. Only few people can bear it. The people who are having senses, quit treatment because it hurts a lot.

An elder person cannot bear it. How come a cute little boy bear it? It was really painful. Little Tucker went through many surgeries and three chemotherapies just in a hope that he might recover. But all in vain. Nothing happened and Tucker was a stage 4 cancer patient. It was really hurting situation and also a sad moment.

24. Tuckers’ Treatment

Cancer is a deadly disease and only thing that a cancer patient expects is death. Being a child, Tucker did not know that his life was going to end. He was happily living and enjoying his life. Everyone asked why Tuckers’ mother is going back.

She told that she was hopeless. And that’s why she wanted to go back home. There was no option left to save Tucker. They have done everything. Now, it’s the time to give up and let the family spend last days with Tucker. Jim was very upset and touched. He wanted to know the wish that Tucker wants to be fulfilled.

25. Honory Firefighter

As children want to become what they are obsessed with. You might have seen children playing the roles of their favorite characters and being that character for so long time. Similarly, Tucker also wanted something like that.

He wanted to become a firefighter. He requested Jim if he could be with them and be a firefighter just like a cute innocent child who does not know the real duty and is passionate about that thing. Jim was so touched and he hugged him and said that he can be a firefighter. Everyone around them wanted the exactly same thing. They wanted Tucker to become the firefighter.

26. Why FDNY?

Tuckers’ father was a firefighter too. Their home was in Hawaii and Tucker has spent almost 90% of his time in his hometown. Then why he wanted to be in FDNY? Jim and other firefighters were confused upon the request.

Jim asked Sara why Tucker wants to join FDNY. Because his father is in Hawaii. It seemed like Sara was already expecting the question. So, she answered that her son had looked Jim in action and from that day he was his ideal. That’s why he wanted to become like Jim for one day. It was so surprising for everyone.

27. The Big Idea

Whenever a kid facing some fatal disease requests for something like that. He is provided. You might have seen children becoming their favorite characters at their favorite spots for one day. Most of them are about to die and it seems like its their last wish.

The children are given badges and parents take their photos. But Jim wanted to make it more special. He wanted to make it like Tucker had never expected. So, he called his colleagues and asked them for the best ideas. All were having different ideas to make Tucker feel special. Everyone wanted Tucker to be felt special.

28. Special Day

As Sarah and Tucker were about to leave NYC after the last treatment. So, Jim asked his colleagues to reserve a special day. They started making plans and thought of the most nearest day that can be possible. They were all taking part in it.

Everyone was in love with Tucker and everyone in fire department made sure that the special day must be perfect. They not only made a best plan but also make sure that there is an alternate for any emergency in NYC. But most surprising thing was that Jim was told some special guests will also arrive.

29. Guests

There was a list made for guests. Tuckers’ father and some relatives were also coming to attend the ceremony. Jim approved the list. He kept thinking of the best ways to make Tucker happy. He and his colleagues were also making sure that everything goes on plan.

But apart from this, Jim was really worried. He was thinking what if the people did not like the ceremony. Or what if Tucker himself does not like. He also thought what if any emergency happens and he have to leave the ceremony. The thoughts were so disturbing and he was so exhausted that time.

30. Main Day

Jim was really worried on the main day. But everyone was happy by the ceremony and arrangements. Tucker himself was so cheered up. His father took him up for the oath. And then he recited the Vow that Firemen have to recite.

He was extremely overwhelmed and Jim was also so happy to see it. But still, there was something missing. There was something else that Jim wanted to happen. But what was that? What was going on his mind? No one knew about what Jim was thinking about and what the next thing that is going to happen is.

31. Birthday

Tucker, the cute little boy had an amazing day with his loved ones. Everything went well on that day. Jim was also happy that Tucker was happy. After few days, Tucker had his birthday. Children are so excited to have birthdays.

So was this young boy. He cheered on his birthday. His birthday was also celebrated with family and FDNY. Everyone seemed so happy and cheerful. Obviously, this cute kid was always in a good mood. But there was something else that his parents wanted to announce. It was a thing that would make everyone turn sad. But they had to.

32. Ending the Treatment

As we told you earlier, treatment for cancer is more hurtful then cancer itself. Parents can’t bear their cute little tucker suffering from this fatal disease. They did every possible thing a parent will do to save a child. But it was of no use. Tucker was in stage 4 and now it was a time to accept the reality.

Parents took the courage and told everyone that they are stopping Tuckers’ treatment. As no doubt the medicines were making him take more breathes but he was dying and it was the reality. So, they decided not to torture their baby anymore.

33. Tucker Tough Challenge

Ending the treatment was not only a thing that they decided. But they decided something else. They wanted to make their child live and experience everything before dying. So, they planned a big thing for their child. What is the more powerful tool to express something? Obviously, social media!

They used social media and posted everything related to Tucker. They wanted to make their child strong. So, they made a hashtag known as Tucker Tough Challenge. They got many positive responses. People were surprised to see such a courageous little child. What was the main point behind this? Well, we will tell you.

34. Travel

They wanted that they could enjoy everything with their baby. So, parents planned to go for a trip with Tucker across the globe. The parents and Tuckers elder siblings set for a world tour along with Tucker to make every moment cherishing.

They visited many places and had a great family time together. They did not know that how much time Tucker had. But they wanted to make him see the world as much as he can. They let their child enjoy the days with his siblings.  The parents went to many places with their children to make everything memorable.

35. Expenses

Travelling means that you have to spend a lot and a lot of money on different things. You have to make sure that you have enough saving for future too. You cannot travel if you have big families as they mean you will have to spend the entire savings.

Tuckers’ parents were also not that rich and they know that they have to spend a lot of money. Traveling around the world is not easy. But they wanted to make Tucker happy and make memories with him. So, they took the risk. But there was another thing waiting for them.

36. Love and Support

As Tuckers’ parents were posting things on social media, they became viral. The story of Tucker and his courageous family was on everyone’s tongue. People were so touched that they started a support program. The mission was to donate the family.

They encouraged the family and tell them to let their child explore the world. Everyone was so happy to see this little happy child enjoying the days with family without knowing that he has only few days left. Everyone prayed for the miracle to happen. The support program was on its peak and more and more people took part in it.

37. Tuckers’ No more

The cute little boy could not fight the disease anymore. Maybe he had enough of the world. It was the time to leave the world and the loving family. Tucker was passed away soon in few months after he was discharged from the hospital.

The cute little child passed away in his house in Hawaii leaving everyone sad and disturbed. The kid was no doubt full of life and enjoyed the last days with his family at full. He was loved by everyone and everyone was in sorrow. But there was another thing that was unknown to anyone. What it could be?

38. Celebrated the Life

Parents were so sad that their beloved son was no more. They were in grief and could not help themselves get up. Their child was always having a happy face. They were sad that Tucker was too young to die. But it was written in fate.

There was no option left for them, only option left was let their child die. They were really upset but what could they do? They made sure that Tucker had fully enjoyed his life and celebrated each moment. But there was a thing left that was not known to anyone. It was really surprising.

39. Tuckers’ Memorial

Firefighter departments both in Hawaii and NYC were upset to hear the sad news of the death of cute angel. They tried to do something more special for that cute little angel. But what it can be? They were thinking hard to do something special.

After thinking a lot and discussing with each other. They came to a point. They thought of something great that will express their love for Tucker. Then, they made a decision. The decision was quite surprising. All firemen of the department made memorial for Tucker. It was a great honor for him and his parents.

40. Name in Register

It was not the only thing they did. But later another surprising thing happened that was so overwhelming for everyone. Tuckers’ name was added to the official list of the firefighters. It means he was registered as a firefighter because of his services.

It can be a proud moment for every firefighter. At that time, Tuckers’ father was overwhelmed and also very happy. He had not expected this thing. He was glad that his sons’ name was written with his name in the registers. It cannot bring his son back but it was an honor. A great honor for any father.