A Nurse Puts a Healthy Baby next to Its Dying Twin What Happened left Everyone Without Words

When twin brothers were lying beside each other, the healthy baby placed his hands on his sick, dying sibling. And then this happened. Afterward, everyone couldn’t stop shedding tears. This story all started with one teenage girl named Catalina. Her parents were successful dentists and they wanted her to become one too.

They had sacrificed everything possible so she could have a wonderful future. Catalina also didn’t doubt that everything would work out as her parents had planned upon graduation. Her goal was to work in her parent’s organization and settle down with a fine gentleman. Amongst all these beautiful plans, there was also one more that was a bit unusual. Catalina didn’t want kids.

She had seen everything her parents did just to make her happy. The pains, tears, burden and she didn’t want any of that. There was so much suffering in the world and she didn’t want to bring kids to live in a place where everyone was constantly battling something. After a few years, Catalina arrived at College and learned something different from the perfect life she was used to. She found it so difficult to do her house chores.

Her life now seemed like a complete mess. She even spent so much paying someone to do all this. She realized her parents never taught her to fend for herself. They had revised everything on a silver platter. Now her life became so demanding and complicated.

So how would she be able to care for her kids if fending for herself was this difficult? All these only made her bent on not having kids. Not now, not in the future, or even her next life. Shortly before graduating College, Catalina started working with her parents. It was also during this period she found a boy, Alex, whom she fell deeply in love with.

He came from a wonderful family and had a thriving business, so Cabalina’s parents were sure she would have a good and stress free life with him. During a conversation, the couple got to know that they weren’t both interested in having kids. At the moment, however, Alex was open to having them in the future. Unfortunately, they made a very great mistake. Neither of them discussed the future plans about this and it led to a tragic incident.

Several years later, Alex decided it was time to get married to the woman of his dreams. So he got down on one knee and puffed the question. But what happened next made him believe he was kneeling in front of a stranger. A few minutes after Catalina accepted his proposal, the two were still basking in the euphoria of the movement when Alex made a shocking suggestion. He told his lady that it would be ideal for them to have kids when they clocked 30 or 35.

However, he got the biggest surprise of his life. She told him she did not want to have any children at all. But before she was even done talking, Alex went into a rage. He felt she had deceived him. Filled with anger and vengeance, he screamed at her and said all sorts of vile things.

Not even one’s enemy should hear such terrible words. It was only when he was done that he realized his error and he hated himself. To the tiniest bits he knew he had hurt her deeply. Standing right in front of him was the girl he had just made miserable, wearing the prettiest smile he’d ever seen. Then she said, It’s fine.

I forgive you. When she said those words, Alex couldn’t believe his lucky ears. He burst into tears immediately, and Catalina joined him too. Then he said, I really love you and I would do anything to make you happy. We would live our lives forever without kids.

That moment. Those words were the most beautiful ones she had ever heard. In a while, however, while she thought it was an emotional Union, this man had a secret plan, a very dark one. You see, there is this saying that when you love someone, you make sacrifices, and sometimes this could be in the form of letting go. But Alex wasn’t ready to do this.

He couldn’t part ways yet with his own desires, and he wasn’t ready to give her the kind of life she wanted overpowered by selfishness. He did something despicable that night. When they got home, they had dinner and went to bed. When Alex was sure Catalina was asleep, he got up, tiptoe to a wardrobe, and did the unthinkable to avoid pregnancy. Catalina always made use of anticonception pills, which he kept in a circular pill dispenser in the wardrobe.

It was these pills that Alex now changed to sugar pills. When he was done, he returned the pill dispenser to its rightful place and walked back to the bed with a naughty smile playing on his lips. Now let’s see how you wouldn’t get pregnant, he thought. A few weeks later, Catalina was petrified when she missed her period. Besides, she had been having increased urination and extreme fatigue.

Had the pills not worked? Was she pregnant? She feared and rushed off to get a pregnancy test. To her greatest disbelief, the test showed she was five weeks pregnant. No amount of words could describe how angry she felt.

Catalina told Alex about the pregnancy. To her surprise, he was over the moon about the news. The look on his face made her suddenly feel there was something he wasn’t telling her. She then planned out demanded the reason for his happiness. She clearly had told him before she didn’t want to have kids, but Alex kept insisting that fate had decided this outcome.

She still didn’t know Alex had a hand in this and hated him with passion because he was overjoyed. But she was furious and couldn’t be with him like this. She wasn’t even sure if she was going to kill the babies and needed time to think. She then rushed out of the house and told him she never wanted to see his ill luck face again and went to live with her parents. Soon she learned she was pregnant with twin boys, but that didn’t change how she felt for the rest of the pregnancy.

She remained depressed until it was time to live with the babies. Unfortunately, something bad happened. A few minutes after the birth of the winds. The doctors rushed towards her and told her to brace herself. One of the kids may not survive, he said and Katalina’s heart sank.

She was not sure she would survive if anything happened to the kids. It was such a terrifying moment, one that opened her eyes to the terrors of motherhood. Yet she knew even in her next life she would be a mother again. One twin was smaller than normal and was born with a weak heart, so he was placed in an incubator. When Catalina held her other son, she saw from his expression that he missed his twin brother, so she asked one nurse to take the boy to his brother.

In the incubator. She only wanted the little boys to say Alaska goodbye, but what eventually happened beat everyone’s imagination. Some seconds after they placed the twin side by side, the healthy boy reached for his sick brother and hugged him. It was as if he was giving him the strength he lacked. Just then, a miracle happened.

As the twins cuddled, the unhealthy child’s vitals improved. Everyone watching lacked the right words to describe what had just happened. As weeks passed, the doctors kept the sick twin close to his brother and his rapid recovery surprised everyone. Soon the boy was strong enough and the doctors allowed him to go home. That day, while Catalina prepared to leave her maternity room, the door opened slightly and she saw someone she thought she would never see again.

It was Alex. He walked towards her with some cards in his hand. With a heavy heart. He told her he had a confession and he held out the cards one after another while she read. These were the words on the cards.

I am sorry I made you become a mother when you weren’t ready. I just wanted to have kids so badly and I thought I could change your mind too. I changed your birth control pills to sugar pills and I caused you all this pain. I know you may never want me in your life again, but I’m willing to make amends if you give me a chance. Immediately after Catalina was done reading, she cried a river of tears.

Never could she have imagined he would betray her that way. How could he claim the lover yet went against her will so easily? That’s not what true love is about. Although this decision gave her the best gift of her life, she couldn’t stand to selfishness. After getting a hold of herself, she exhaled and told him she couldn’t let him back into her life.

You had your chance to do things the right way. But you blew it up right now I would rather be with my kids alone. But maybe some day in the future I will let you meet them. I hope you have a great life. She said smiled heartily and showed him the door there was nothing left for him to say so he walked away only stopping at the door for one last glance.

After he left she went back to her boyfriend and stared at them with loving eyes. Now they were her reason to fight and overcome all her weaknesses. They were her motive to reach for the stars and beyond. She was going to do everything to be the best mom ever.