Actors and actresses who had to take off their clothes due to script requirements

It is known that actors and actresses often have to do extreme things for different roles. Some do it almost by choice, especially method actors. Sometimes, these particularities are explicit in the script, but it can also be due to the director’s vision of what he believes is the best way to put together the staging.

One of those requests may be to pose without clothes for some scenes. This may be uncomfortable for some, but others do not feel shame and can show it much more easily.

Here we will review some occasions where renowned actors and actresses had to show their bodies in some films, some of them iconic stories that were recorded forever.

Dakota Johnson
The actress, who participated in Persuasion, the failed Jane Austen adaptation, had to undress for the film Fifty Shades of Grey, a story where eroticism is the main axis, even though it has been controlled quite a bit concerning the book on which it is based.

Margot Robbie
Who next year will be Barbie in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation appeared n*k-d in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, as Jordan Belfort’s fiery second wife.

Naomi Watts
In one of the best films in history, David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, Naomi plays an unbalanced Diane Selwyn or Betty Elms, who has a fiery scene with her lover, Rita (Laura Harring).

Sandra Bullock

Sandra’s prolific career included a scene where she appears without clothes in the film The Proposal, a romantic comedy in which she stars alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Ben Affleck

In Gone Girl, Ben Affleck had to film a scene in the shower without any clothing. Although his entire body is not seen in the film, he had to get n*k-d in front of everyone. He assured me that it helped him get into the character.

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender did a n*de for Shame, but he didn’t even make it uncomfortable, because according to him it was all very fast. Furthermore, due to his role in this erotic film, where he has relationships with numerous women, it was known from the beginning that he would have to undress many times.