Amber Heard’s legal representatives unveil a series of photographs capturing

her countenance marked with bruises subsequent to an altercation where Johnny Depp allegedly wielded a phone as a projectile.

Within the courtroom’s hallowed confines, Amber Heard recounts an incident involving Johnny Depp’s purported hurling of a phone in her direction during a confrontation that transpired in the month of May, 2016.

Vividly dramatic, Amber Heard’s legal advocates display jarring visual evidence, capturing the aftermath etched upon her visage, a result of the alleged phone-induced encounter with Johnny Depp amidst a heated clash.

Emerging from a week-long hiatus, the thespian renowned for her portrayal in “Aquaman” resumes her testimony on a Monday, painting a vivid tableau of her facial contusions depicted in the photographic records. She articulates, “This countenance is the aftermath of an airborne phone, a direct result of Johnny’s actions.”

Per the narrative woven by the actor, this disconcerting episode unfolded during the final skirmish that marked the waning days of the couple’s union in May of 2016. It was a tumultuous juncture catalyzed by Johnny Depp’s allegations aimed at a friend of Amber Heard, accusing said friend of an unsavory act involving the couple’s shared bed.

Amidst the court’s attentiveness, the 36-year-old performer recounts her narrative, painting a portrait of Depp’s yearning to reconnect following the passing of his mother. A quest for solace transformed into a discordant exchange as Depp’s monologue delved into matters fecal, implicating Heard’s friend in a bed-bound misdemeanor.

With unwavering conviction, Heard presents her case within the court’s confines, “Our matrimony, a crumbling edifice, stood before our eyes. Amidst the fresh wound of his mother’s departure, the incredulity of his fecal fixation gripped me.”

Within the annals of legal testimony, the actor unfurls the sequence. The shared space metamorphosed from a harbor of serenity to a battlefield of verbal exchanges. Amidst escalating tensions, Depp’s voice resonated at a crescendo, a cacophonous symphony of invectives targeting Heard’s companion on the phone’s speaker.

A pivotal figure enters the tableau, Raquel Rocky Pennington, a confidante residing within the same domicile. Her arrival witnesses Depp’s forceful exertions upon the actor, a choreography of tugs and twists that echoes through the halls.

As the scene culminates, Depp’s departure is scripted, a retreat triggered by the appearance of his sentinels, his protectors in moments of tumult. The curtain falls, leaving echoes of a turbulent episode etched in the corridors of time.