Anne Hathaway disclosed her admiration for James McAvoy as a kissing partner

Anne Hathaway, a renowned actress celebrated for her enduring talent and timeless beauty, has remained a constant presence in the entertainment industry for over two decades.

Her illustrious career spans a diverse array of genres, ranging from romantic dramas to action-packed superhero blockbusters. Amidst these cinematic adventures, Hathaway has shared on-screen kisses with numerous co-stars, but there’s one actor who stood out in her eyes for his impeccable kissing skills – James McAvoy.

Before achieving widespread recognition through her breakout role in “The Princess Diaries,” Anne Hathaway made her acting debut on the Fox Television series, “Get Real,” at the tender age of 16. It was on this show that she experienced her very first on-screen kiss.

Throughout her illustrious career, Anne Hathaway has engaged in steamy intimate scenes, which often involved passionate lip-locking. She humorously referred to herself as a “film kissing alum” due to her extensive on-screen kissing experiences.

In an interview with Heart, Anne Hathaway candidly discussed her encounters with co-actors whose kissing skills left much to be desired. She remarked, “Sometimes you work with actors, and they can be lovely guys, but they have kind of dodgy instincts when it comes to kissing in scenes. They want to try to make it look a bit too real if you know what I mean.”

However, amidst the array of co-stars, there was one exception – James McAvoy, her fellow actor in the 2007 film “Becoming Jane.” McAvoy not only stood out for his exceptional kissing skills but also displayed remarkable professionalism. Anne Hathaway fondly recalled an incident where McAvoy offered some sage advice just before their on-screen kiss, saying, “With James, right before we started, he turned to me and said, ‘Closed mouths, no tongue!’ That’s what I normally say to people. So it was a pleasure working with him.” Clearly, McAvoy’s gentlemanly demeanor left a lasting impression on Hathaway.