At 89 years old, what happened to Sophia Loren’s life?

Actress Sophia Loren turns 89 years old. She always attributed her striking physical beauty to her smile and good attitude.

This September 20, Sophia Loren turns 89 years old. This actress today is considered one of the most prominent in classic Hollywood cinema. Her career began in the 1950s when she met producer Carlo Ponti, who later became her husband. At that time she stood out for her natural beauty and her acting talent.

Sophia Loren, supported by her husband, moved away from superficial roles because she knew that beauty was also an impediment to developing an important career in the world of cinema. Her seventh art is her passion and if it’s for her she would like to continue making films all her life. “My career has made me happy each and every day and has allowed me to do wonderful things over the years,” she said.

This woman has Italian blood in her veins. Her real name is Sofía Constanza Brígida Villani Scicolone. In addition to a vast film career in which she has won many awards and even an Oscar, she is also the author of two autobiographical books. The first of them is titled “Woman’s Confidences” and the second, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: My Memoirs.”

In her lines, Sophia Loren highlights that a woman’s beauty is due to her attitude. In fact, she has always eaten what she wanted and she believes that thinness and perfect measurements do not make anyone happy and should not be an impediment to achieving what you want in life.

When she was young they called her a giraffe because she was tall and clumsy, but her confidence dazzled more than her beauty. Her best-kept secret to looking flawless is inner peace. And over the years patience has been inexorable in her destiny. Among her most recent works is the film “Life Before You”, directed by her son Eduardo in 2020.