Brad Pitt’s practical joke that left George Clooney furious

Many friends have such a strong and trusting friendship that they even joke with each other. But, sometimes, one does not measure one’s act well and it ends up being very heavy, making one of those involved angry. It was just what happened to two celebrities while they were filming a movie. The little joke turned out not to be so funny and could have fractured a friendship.

During an interview, Matt Damon, a friend of Brad Pitt and George Clooney, told an anecdote about these two while the trio of talented actors were filming the sequel to The Great Hustle in Italy. The reporter asked him about the prank George once pulled on Matt Damon during a movie they were in together.

Everything seems to indicate that George Clooney loves to make jokes and Matt fell for one of them. The reporter asked him if it was true that his co-star had arranged to meet with the wardrobe staff to reduce the uniform that Matt wore day by day so that he felt that his clothes were getting smaller and smaller. The actor smiled when he remembered that anecdote and said that it was true.

When the reporter asked him if he ever took revenge for that event, Matt said no, because he knew that George liked to make jokes, but he didn’t like them doing them to him. This was because he had already seen him very angry when he was the victim of one.

Matt Damon, laughing, commented on the time he saw George Clooney getting angry because Brad Pitt decided to mess with him and play a prank on him.

All this happened when they were recording the movie The New Big Scam, which was recorded in Italy. Several celebrities participate in this production, including Matt, George, and Brad. It is worth mentioning that around that time George had bought a villa in that country and used to spend a lot of time there. He was very proud to live there and loved both Italy and the local people. Apparently, he was very popular and everyone loved him.

The joke that George Clooney fell into was that Brad sent a letter to everyone on the Italian recording crew in that language that said, “Please understand that you are working with Mr. Clooney, you cannot look him in the eye at any time.”. They will not refer to him as George, they can only call him Mr. Clooney or Mr. Ocean (like the character in said film).”

George clearly wasn’t aware of that letter, so he found it strange that those working on the film were acting strange. Generally, the actor is a very nice person and greets everyone, but for a few days there was a different atmosphere and he noticed it immediately.

Matt explained that they were staying at George’s house and that one day he came home and that he had never seen him as angry as that time. He said he went straight to Brad Pitt and the Fight Club actor, he already knew he was coming for him, so he just said: “Just leave the others out of this, just come for me.” In the end, it was just a bitter pill to swallow for George, and they all remain friends. Maybe that’s what he needed to understand the saying “he who goes, he endures.”

There are many things we don’t know about Brad Pitt, like his taste for pranks, and no matter how nice George Clooney looks, his temperament may be unknown. A little joke could have put an end to a friendship, but fortunately this did not happen and they were able to see the ingenuity behind it.