Britney Spears and her mother reunite and forgive after years of fights

Britney Spears’ name is synonymous with stardom, and musical success but also public scrutiny. Since she rose to fame in the 1990s as an exceptionally talented teenager, Britney’s life has been under the scrutiny of the media and the general public.

However, behind the headlines and the image of a superstar lies a fundamental relationship that has profoundly influenced the singer’s life: her bond with her mother, Lynne Spears.

Britney Spears’ path to fame began at a very early age, at age 11 when she was part of the cast of several shows on the Disney television channel. Years later, she became a megastar when she released her first album. Her mother Lynne and her father Jamie were there by her side, smiling for photos as they looked after her famous daughter.

But Britney’s family life was much darker and more complicated than what the cameras captured, which could be seen through several insults that Britney made publicly years later on her social networks to her parents.

To the world, it seemed like the artist was living a fairy tale, leaving behind her humble beginnings to achieve fame and wealth that most people can only dream of. But Britney claims that she was being “abused” by her “controlling” father Jamie, who is now 70, and that at the time she was struggling with her own addiction problems.

Still, despite the problems he had and after a series of legal twists, Jamie became the guardian and sole administrator of Britney’s assets; and for the singer, it had all been her mother Lynne’s idea.

In a publication, the Toxic Interpreter spoke out against her mother and accused her of being the “mastermind” behind her guardianship. She pointed out that her father “wasn’t smart enough” to entertain that idea, and that her mother Lynne Spears was to blame for the horrors she experienced for 13 years, during which time her father’s guardianship lasted. her.

The singer continued with her message and referred to her mother’s attitude in recent years, regarding guardianship: “So, take your whole ‘I have NO idea what’s happening’ attitude and leave.”

This message came shortly after the news came to light that Lynne Spears was requesting a large sum of money from those responsible for managing the estate.

According to several media outlets, Lynne’s lawyers requested $650,000 in legal expenses. According to published information, the singer’s mother needed that amount to pay the expenses generated by her participation during the guardianship dispute.

Lynne’s attorneys indicate that during the time the conservatorship lasted, she dedicated herself to searching for qualified medical experts to help her daughter obtain her freedom. But Britney didn’t believe it and since then she eliminated all contact with her mother.

Her mother, who is a constant user of social media, sent her messages publicly in which she tried to reconnect with Britney, but they were apparently ignored.

A year ago she wrote: “Britney, your entire life I have done everything I can to support your dreams and desires! And I have done everything to help you out of difficulties! I have never and will never turn my back on you! Your rejections of the countless times I have flown and calls make me feel desperate! I have tried everything. “I love you very much, but this talk is just for you and me, face to face, in private.”

But, it seems that things have changed, after several years apart, Britney Spears and her mother met again to make up for lost time and make peace. This was revealed on social media by Spears herself.

Lynne met up with Britney at her exclusive home in Calabasas, California, where they chatted for 30 minutes.

Next, through her social networks, Britney Spears informed all of her followers that her mother showed up at her home after three years apart due to family problems that caused different problems.

Spears assured that “time heals wounds” and that it was time for both of them to iron out rough spots. For that reason, Birtney and her mother decided to go talk after 14 years of separation, some media revealed.

“My sweet mom showed up at my door yesterday after three years, she’s been so long. With family there are always things that need to be resolved… but time heals all wounds! ”She commented on her social network.