Chanel Ends Collaboration with Meghan Markle, Chooses KC as Partner: Dramatic Fallout Unfolds

Chanel has issued a firm statement denying any collaboration with Meghan Markle and her brand. Instead, they have announced a partnership with The Princess Foundation, under the patronage of King Charles III. This collaboration aims to offer an intensive embroidery course tailored for aspiring student designers in the UK.

The initiative presents a unique opportunity for British students to immerse themselves in learning and working within the foundation’s campus, guided by experienced tutors. The comprehensive 24-week course, aptly named “The Meteors,” is a prestigious art education program hosted at the monarch’s Highgrove residence in Gloucestershire. Recent university graduates are eligible to apply, with six students selected annually and awarded bursaries to cover their living expenses.

These fortunate individuals will benefit from the expert guidance of tutors, typically operating from the renowned Lesage in Paris. This location serves as a hub for workshops and collaborations with creative directors from various luxury fashion brands, including Montex Italia and La Marie.

Emily Cherrington, the director of The Princess Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration, emphasizing its goal to equip students with a diverse set of creative and practical skills. This partnership with an industry leader like Chanel is seen as a remarkable opportunity within the fashion and textile sector.

Many admirers of the Royal Family view this development as a positive step, particularly in terms of opening doors for young individuals interested in the world of fashion. It is considered a way to provide support to those who may not have the means to attend fashion school or receive formal training in the arts but possess genuine passion and talent in these fields.

This partnership also carries implications for Meghan Markle. Some perceive it as a subtle response to her, given that Chanel distanced itself from The Duchess following controversy at the Invictus Games. During the event, Meghan wore Chanel cap-toe flats paired with a white J.Crew knit jacket featuring contrasting black piping. However, her behavior at the time led to backlash, affecting the perception of the brand’s association with her.

Despite wearing designer clothing, Meghan did not receive offers for collaborations or endorsements from fashion brands. Meghan’s fashion choices have drawn criticism on various occasions, particularly when meeting Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, and the future Queen. Critics argue that Meghan’s attire during such occasions lacked the expected level of formality, and the perception was that she prioritized comfort over adhering to the standards of dressing for royal engagements.

Some commentators speculate that Meghan’s initial expectations upon entering the British royal family were not aligned with the family’s ethos characterized by historic wealth and a commitment to serving the public. Ultimately, Meghan’s experiences within the royal family and her fashion choices have been subjects of scrutiny and discussion, with contrasting opinions on her approach and behavior during her time as a member of the British monarchy.