Channing Tatum is against marriage after a terrifying divorce from Jenna Dewan

The Magic Mike star Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan, broke the hearts of many fans around the world in 2018 when they announced their impending divorce.

Suddenly, Channing Tatum was back on the market and wasted no time trying to find the next love of his life. From 2018 to 2020, the famous actor was in a relationship with singer Jessie J and, as of 2021, he is related to actress Zoë Kravitz.

Channing’s heart quickly opened to new romantic opportunities, but he recently revealed that his failed marriage didn’t go as unnoticed as his fans might have thought.

Channing Tatum admits that divorce took its toll on him
In an interview with Vanity Fair, Tatum opened up about what was going on between him and Jenna Dewan behind closed doors, saying, “We fought about it for a long time, even though we both knew we had grown apart.” He went on to explain that they always knew they were different, but they tried to ignore it at first. “But when you actually become parents, you understand the differences between the two of you. Because that’s coming out loud at you all day. How they are different as parents, how they look at the world, how they go through the world,” Tatum admitted.

But they couldn’t pretend much longer and decided to separate, which hit Tatum hard. “At first, that was very scary and terrifying.” And yet, looking back, the actor knows it was the right decision. “It was probably exactly what I needed. “I don’t think he would have ever done that work on myself the way I had to do it to really try to figure out what was next,” Tatum said. So he went back “to the market.”

Although Tatum does not close his heart to love, his mind still deceives him, trying to prevent him from being hurt again. He admitted, “I don’t know if I’ll ever get married again.” He went on to explain that sometimes he tends to worry too much. “Relationships are difficult for me. Although I’m a bit monogamous. In business, I’m not afraid of anything being destroyed. But things of the heart, when it comes to the people I love, are very difficult for me. I end up trying too hard.”

The actor is currently in a relationship with Zoë Kravitz, and it seems that things are going well. The couple prefers to keep their life very private and are rarely seen together in public. This could be due to their shared history of heartbreak, as Kravitz was also previously married and went through a divorce in 2021. Tatum compared not wanting to ruin a relationship by getting married to pottery, saying: “When things just work out, you don’t want to touch them. It’s like pottery. If I keep pressing the mud, it’s going to ruin it. And you’re like, ‘Oh. Maybe I should stop.’”

One thing that Tatum’s divorce strengthened is his relationship with his daughter. He revealed that she was the one who got him through the tough times. “It all just started with my daughter. I just dropped everything and focused on her. And it was really the best thing I could have done. Because in the time I spent alone with her, we have become the best of friends.”