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Do You Remember This Sick Circus Tiger That Was Abandoned in a Cage? This Is What Happened to Her!

This circus tiger was abandoned in a cage and while she was there, she suffered all sorts of infections. Anyone who saw the tiger presumed that she had only a few days left to live. Luckily, a rescuer Vicky found her and she decided to save her, but was it too late already? Would the tiger survive growing up Vicky had always loved animals? She impulsively cared for them and felt a strong urge to help them because they are unable to easily help themselves.

Vicky’S underlying love for animals all began when she rescued a sick, stray dog that came to their front yard, probably asking to be adopted. The poor animal looked scraggly and hungry and his whole body was covered with sores picking up the animal Vicky, who was only eight at the time, told him that she would nurse him back to health. However, when she took him inside her, parents screamed at her to take the sick dog out of the house, but refused she was hell-bent on helping the poor animal giving in to the little girl’s desire. Vicky’S parents took the dog to a vet who treated him, but sadly the dog didn’t make it and he passed away a few days later ever since then, Vicky did her best to help any animal in need, so it didn’t come as a surprise to her parents When Vicky then 28, founded in sync exotic wildlife, rescue and educational center – and it was while working with this Foundation that Vicky learned about the abandoned circus tiger two years after starting the foundation, Vicky and her team were told about the sixth circus tiger Asia and they Decided to bring her to the rescue center so that they could adequately care for her when they went to pick up the tiger. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

She looked nothing like a nine-month-old tiger. She was so tiny and scraggly that she could pass for a two-month-old tiger. You See, Asia was part of a traveling Circa us that puts on various entertainment, shows that included acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, dancers and magicians. Their animals are trained to entertain the audience. For instance, the tigers are taught to perform uncomfortable and unnatural tricks, such as jumping through fire.

Aisha also did this and other scarier performances. Also, life on the road meant that most of Aisha’s life was spent in a circus Wagon in the back of a semi truck or a crowded, stinking boxcar on a train or barge this circus, to which Aisha belonged, also deprived. Her of her opportunities to fulfill basic needs such as roaming or playing around. Moreover, in a bid to entertain their guests, the circus used unprintable tactics to coerce Aisha to perform on cue. So what may seem like a willing participant to the audience is in reality nothing more than a terrified animal that has been beaten into some Mission and forced to perform.

Sadly, while these performers made money off Aisha, they didn’t care about her well-being and physical wellness. So you can imagine what this tiger went through to make matters worse. She was placed in a cage with a much bigger tiger who constantly picked on her. As soon as I saw Aisha, my heart broke into a million pieces. She was nine months old, but she looked like she was only two months old.

We did an investigation and we found out that the animals at the circus weren’t receiving proper care, but something in particular was wrong with Aisha, although it was uncertain what Vicky said. Apart from looking skinny Aisha was also in a terrible State. She had opened wounds on her skin, which were bite marks from the larger tiger she lived with. There were also spots all over her entire body and her skin was cracking and bleeding wasting. No time Vicky took Aisha to the veterinarian, who confirmed that the poor animal had ringworms.

She was given proper a treatment and afterward Vicky took her to an isolated enclosure at her foundation. Vicky was often busy. That’S why her staff was in charge of taking care of most of the rescued animals, but Vicky knew that if Aisha were to make it, then she would have to step in and take care of the animal by herself. So she canceled all her plans just so. She could have time to be with Aisha.

The circus tiger reminded Vicky of the Stray Dog that she rescued when she was eight, but this time around she was determined not to lose the rescued animal, as she did some years ago. Each day, Vicky would go to Aisha’s enclosure and give her medications. Aisha was very reluctant to take her drugs, but Vicky was understanding and patient with her before giving her. The medication Vicky would spend time with Aisha just so, she could be comfortable around her. After taking the medication, Vicky would also sit with the Tiger in her enclosure and tell her all sorts of things hoping that she would earn the animal’s trust as part of her treatment.

Aisha was required to take medicated baths daily. Sadly, the poor animal wasn’t thrilled about it whenever it was time to have her medicated baths forcing Vicki to chase after her. Although it was a bit trying to chase her around, I knew that she was going through a lot. It was devastating to see her run around in pain. I really just hope that it would be worth it in the end, Vicky said, sadly, as each day passed, Aisha didn’t seem to be responding to the treatment at some point.

The vet suggested putting her down, but Vicky refused. Every other person began to give up on the Tiger, but I remained hopeful even though others didn’t see it. I could tell that deep down Aisha was fighting for her life. She wanted to live. Vicky said as time passed, Vicky earned, aisa’s trust and she began to show more willingness to take her medication.

It was as if she could tell that Vicky was trying to help her get better and somehow she decided not to let the young woman’s efforts go to waste soon enough, Vicky and Aisha became quite close, and they eventually created an unbreakable bond. In fact, whenever Vicky was gone for too long, Aisha would start roaring Vicky, who already knew that the sound meant that the animal wanted. Her presence would run to her. I am here sweet girl, I’m here, for you, Vicky, would say patting Aisha gently As Time passed. Aisha slowly began to recover.

She became quite playful and little by little bits of fuzz started growing back on her skin. After almost three months of treatment, Aisha began to add the much needed weight, but that’s not all when her treatment period was almost over Aisha, who once hated to shower now loved the water. So much that Vicky even had to put a small tub in her enclosure. For her to Splash in after Aisha put on weight, Vicky could no longer sit with her inner enclosure. However, they still spent a lot of time together.

Vicky would still enter correct with the Tigress through games like giving Aisha a good soaking with a hose. Finally, after eight months, Aisha made a remarkable recovery. She no longer had ringworms on her skin. Her skin was smooth and clean, and her fur had also grown back. She looked like a real tiger, don’t you just love the way she looks?

Indeed, the world needs more people like Vicky who give their resources time and love to animals who can’t help themselves, but Vicky wasn’t done with her Mission, yet she didn’t want to be Aisha’s only friend. She also wanted her to have other friends, especially her own kind. So Vicky loaded, Aisha up and placed her next to Smuggler a male tiger in the rescue center and guess what he went crazy for her, even though Smuggler was three times Aisha’s size, Vicky sensed that there was some sort of attraction between them. She also believed that Aisha would be able to handle herself with a male tie tiger. The Tigers got to know each other better through supervised play dates, and they were eventually moved into the same enclosure.

Aisha spends most of her day playing with Smuggler. We can tell that she is happy. She is now having the time of her life. Vicki said it’s so beautiful to see how Aisha went from a sickly Cub, who endured all sorts of unprintable treatments to a sweet, healthy, beautiful and confident tiger. She also fell in love with the one thing she hated the most water.