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Emma Thompson talks filming first s-x scene with toast up her ‘arse’

Dame Emma Thompson spoke about filming her very first s=x scene.

The scene, which came alongside Jeff Goldblum in the Richard Curtis rom-com The Tall Guy, took a bizarre turn when she was left with pieces of toast on her arse.

Speaking on the podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno, she revealed why it was a memorable scene.

She explained why it was a memorable moment when speaking on the podcast My Dad Wrote A P0rn0.

“My first film… was called The Tall Guy and there was a s=x scene in it,” she stated.

‘Because it was a comedy s=x scene, we were shagging on the piano, we were shagging in the breakfast things. There was shots of my arse with bits of toast stuck to it. Two fucking days of being nude on set.’

Sounds like a chore.

Emma continued: ‘And when the campaign came out, the Campaign Against Pornography… said that if they were to show their children a s=x scene, they would show that one, because it was fun, and funny, and full of humour.

‘Because I noticed at the time that all s=x scenes, everyone was so angry. They’re angry! You look at people’s faces, you look at Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone… livid! So cross!’

The Tall Guy released in 1989 and was directed by Mel Smith, with Rowan Atkinson also in the cast.

The scene in question does indeed show a piece of toast stuck to Thompson as she rolls around frivolously with Goldblum, even smashing a tea pot over his head. The 1989 film was Thompson’s first on screen role; her performance was met with praise while the romp itself receiving middling reviews.

It started a hugely successful career for Thompson, who has gone on to become one of our most treasured stars.

She was recently seen in The Children Act and Johnny English Strikes Again; and will soon be in Missing Link, MIB, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, Late Night and How To Build A Girl.

Goldblum, meanwhile, has turned his hand to music: The Capitol Studio Sessions is his debut jazz collection, and sees him teaming up with the likes of Haley Reinhart and Sarah Silverman.

Emma also revealed how she came to be a fan of the popular podcast and it turns out, her daughter put her onto the series.

The actress explained: ‘I thought that’s a very funny title, oh my god. I listened to it and thought, “This is such a brilliant idea” because, as well as everything else, it does take apart the whole notion of pornography and make it as ridiculous as it is. If you ever see pornography, it’s so industrial and clinical… it’s so odd.

‘I think it’s absolutely fantastic because it’s a kind of counter culture.’

Commending the writing talents of Jamie’s father Rocky Flintstone, Emma added: ‘He’s selling out the Royal Albert Hall, the man’s a fucking genius. He has [earned it].’