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‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin arrested for drugs

Actor Macaulay Culkin, who rose to stardom as a young actor in the blockbuster movie “Home Alone,” was charged with marijuana possession and possession of a dangerous narcotic without a prescription on Friday, according to Oklahoma City police.

According to CNN, the actor, 24, was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by Brett M. Tabisel, 22, of New York City. The motorist was stopped due to speeding.

The motorist consented to a vehicle search after being verbally warned by the officer.

Culkin told an officer that a bag on the car’s floor had 3,000 dollars (£1,690). When the officer unzipped it, he discovered what looked to be marijuana in a transparent bag, according to the report.

A short while later, Culkin reportedly took another bag of medicine and white tablets out of his pocket. The report claims that further marijuana was discovered wrapped inside a metal cigarette box.

About 17 grams of marijuana, eight Xanax tablets, and 16 pills labeled as a medication used to treat anxiety and epileptic seizures were all seized by the police. According to reports, Culkin admitted to authorities that he didn’t have a prescription for the drugs.

The New York City resident was arrested and sent to the Oklahoma County Jail before being freed after paying a 4,000 dollar (£2,250) bail.

When he exited the prison, Culkin avoided speaking with the media.

The Saved! star’s purpose for visiting Oklahoma was not immediately apparent.

Furrer said, “He’s gone. He wasn’t here for long.”

According to authorities, the driver of the car, Brett M. Tabisel, 22, of New York City, was accused of speeding, making an incorrect lane change, and possessing marijuana.

Michelle Bega, Culkin’s spokesperson in Los Angeles, refused to comment.

Before “Home Alone” entered theaters in 1989, Culkin starred in “Uncle Buck,” one of his 19 film roles.

“Saved!” was his most recent American-produced movie, and it came out earlier this year. He has been on television a lot, and in 1991, he even hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

Culkin was just 9 years old when “Home Alone” became a national phenomenon. He took advantage of that accomplishment by acting in roughly 10 movies over the course of four years, rising to the position of highest-paid child actor in history in the process.

He announced his retirement when he was 14 years old, upsetting his father to the point that they are now totally estranged from one another.

In a May interview with CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Culkin stated he has used marijuana and alcohol in the past, but added, “I never had a problem.”

“Everything that I do for some reason becomes this big crazy thing, you know, even though any normal person does it. Like, yes I’m a kid, I had a beer, I smoked a joint. Big deal,” he said.