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Matt Damon talks filming love scenes with Angelina Jolie

Matt Damon has branded his love scenes with Angelina Jolie “weird”.

Matt, who worked with Brad on The Ocean 11 movie sequels, said to Good Morning America: “Doing a love scene with the girlfriend of a good friend is weird. We all know each other.”

But Angelina has a different way of seeing it. She said, “A physical thing is, for some people, like me, very easy. You find something about that person that you love and you enjoy, that you truly embrace and have fun with, and you just enjoy each other. You’re two adults and you enjoy each other and you know that it doesn’t mean anything – whatever it was is left there.”

Angelina insisted: “In reality both the people we’re involved with couldn’t have cared less about that because they know us. It’s one of those things where it’s like the least threatening person. You know, ‘Good luck to you guys, I hope it’s not too awkward.’

“The difference between kissing Matt and kissing Brad is simple. One’s a friend and one’s my lover.”

Jolie cheerfully kissed the buddy of her boyfriend, but she struggled to portray someone who was her polar opposite.

In the movie, one of the earliest CIA operatives, played by Damon, battles with losing his moral compass. Jolie portrays his feisty wife who is shattered by her husband’s secrets.

“I think early on when we realized this was going to be the film where I am the weak victim and he is the cruel, cruel, terrifying scary man,” Jolie explained.

According to Damon, Jolie just needed to portray her complete opposite. Jolie had to be “so apologetic and just so unlike Angie,” in one moment, according to Damon.

In real life, Jolie is renowned for being fiercely independent, like a stunning general fighting for those with the least.

She adopted two kids: one from Ethiopia and one from Cambodia. However, a lot of people have questioned why she hasn’t adopted an American kid in need.

“Well, I don’t see borders in the world,” Jolie stated. “I mean I work with programs here for all children.”

Jolie, however, claims that she has made judgments about adoption in the past based on her feelings.

“Well, to be honest, it’s just been, I’ve been led by something emotional,” Jolie stated. “So it’s not a decision of — like a catalog of [where I say} I want this kind of child. It’s just been … I’ve been moved by the countries.”

Jolie and Pitt’s impending nuptials are yet another subject of speculation. While filming “The Good Shepherd,” Damon wed.

“It had more of an impact on me than I thought it would,” Damon stated. “We already had the house in Florida and everything, and so I didn’t. … I didn’t think it was going to really change anything necessarily, but it actually did.”