Gal Gadot’s time in the army was key to starring in Agent Stone

The actress used the knowledge obtained from her during her time in the Israeli military to give life to an intelligence agent in the Netflix film, which has just arrived on the platform. Handling weapons and personal defense, fundamental legs of the hard training that marked her career.

Like Tom Cruise, Gal Gadot avoids using stunt doubles, participating in all, or almost all, of the most adrenaline-pumping scenes, and Agent Stone is no exception.

During a promotional interview, the Israeli actress revealed that it was thanks to her training in the army of her country that she was able to pull off this action-packed shoot.

“I know how to work hard. I have a very strong work ethic and I think it’s related to that,” she said.

In addition, he explained that one of the greatest lessons that his time in the military taught him was learning to really work as a team “and the fact that you have to work well in a group. It’s not about you, you’re not the number one. Right now we’re doing something for a bigger goal and when you shoot a movie, the main goal is to make a great movie.”

“An intelligence agent, working for a global organization dedicated to keeping the peace, must stop a hacker from stealing their most valuable…and dangerous resource,” reads the synopsis for Agent Stone, in which she stars alongside Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhatt.

“This cast is the best example of how international the audiovisual industry has become. And if in the past viewers were used to hearing the typical accent of American or British English, now there is room for those from India, Israel, and Ireland, for example. By incorporating the world, we make the film richer, have more nuances, and give the audience the chance to see themselves reflected on the screen”, she expressed about her co-stars and the universality that each of them brings to the film. .

With all t.chips placed on the success of this tape, Gal Gadot confessed that action movies are the reason why she dedicated herself to acting.

“When I was a child, she loved these types of films and it blows my mind that now I am the protagonist of one of them,” she revealed.