GEANCO Foundation Excludes Meghan Markle from Hollywood Gala After Sussex Fake Announcement, No Donation Made

The GEANCO Foundation has excluded Meghan Markle from their upcoming Hollywood Gala due to the Sussexes’ fake announcement, which, as it turns out, involved no actual donation. According to a recent update reported by Hello magazine, Meghan and Harry’s own foundation, Archewell, had previously detailed their support for young students in Nigeria, particularly in facilitating their return to school.

In a statement posted on the Archewell website, the couple announced their support for girls’ education and health in Nigeria by sending school supplies and menstrual products to young scholars. The CEO of GEANCO Foundation even joined the Archewell team to assist in packing backpacks with these supplies, as well as menstrual products. The statement also mentioned that their support would include menstrual health education for 2,500 girls in the region, thus contributing to the well-being and education of girls pursuing their studies.

However, it’s worth noting that the statement didn’t specify the exact amount of money donated by Meghan and Harry, and there is no concrete evidence to substantiate their claims of a substantial donation. This has raised doubts about the authenticity of their charity efforts.

Further doubts were cast on Meghan and Harry’s supposed donation when it was noticed that the GEANCO Foundation website did not acknowledge any contribution from the royal couple or Archewell. The foundation plans to hold a Hollywood Gala on September 29th, featuring various activities such as a red carpet reception, African-inspired appetizers, Nigerian music, silent auctions, celebrity appearances, and more. Notably, Meghan and Harry have not been invited to the event, despite their earlier claims of support.

The list of supporters published on the GEANCO Foundation’s website includes prominent names like Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Google, and Netflix, among others. However, the absence of Meghan, Harry, and even Archewell from this list raises questions about the legitimacy of their stated charitable actions. This has led to criticism on social media, with some users expressing skepticism about the authenticity of Meghan and Harry’s involvement in charity work.

While Meghan and Harry had announced their support for girls’ education and health in Nigeria, there are doubts regarding the actual extent of their contributions, especially since their names are notably absent from the list of supporters on the GEANCO Foundation’s website.