Getty’s Revelation Leaves Meghan Markle Stunned: Archie and Lilibet Nowhere to Be Seen

Meghan choked, as Getty admitted the truth that Archie and Lilibet are nowhere to be seen. Lady Colin Campbell recently revealed that Meghan Markle had a discreet meeting with billionaire Gordon Getty at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where subtle flirtations may have transpired. Gordon Getty, an 89-year-old widower, allegedly heard stories from Meghan about her struggles and sacrifices.

A person named Templar revealed some insights into Meghan’s connection with Getty, mentioning that they have a mutual friend named Da, who is connected to the Getty family. According to Templar, Meghan has managed to enter Gordon Getty’s life and possibly influenced him, leading to concerns within his family.

Getty’s family is reportedly worried about him and is considering placing a conservatorship on him due to large sums of money going missing from his accounts. There are suspicions of senility or severe depression, and Meghan has allegedly hinted at wanting $20 to $30 million for a mansion, citing concerns for her safety.

It’s rumored that Meghan spends time visiting Gordon Getty, and his family is concerned about the situation. Sabang Getty, the wife of Joseph Getty and a renowned jewelry designer, has publicly expressed her dislike for Meghan. Gordon Getty, who has seven children, including three from a longtime mistress, is worth over $2 billion.

Meghan reportedly informed Queen Elizabeth that she would walk away from Harry for a billion dollars, and it appears that Getty’s wealth could help her achieve that goal. This potential relationship between Meghan and Gordon Getty may have significant implications for Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry.