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Girl Shares Video Of Teacher’s Abuse, School Suspends The Student

An 11-year-old girl thought she was doing the right thing when she concocted a plan to end a teacher’s inappropriate behavior. After the educator was fired, however, the school had an odd way of thanking the child for ending the abuse that took place within their walls.

Brianna Cooper was just 11 years old when she decided she had to stand up and defend a classmate at Samuel Gaines Academy in Fort Pierce, Florida after a St. Lucie County teacher went too far. Tired of hearing her teacher being mean to another student like the educator had done so many times before, Brianna decided to take matters into her own hands, using the only tool she had as a weapon against the woman.

Rather than stand by and watch her classmate become a victim, Brianna took a stand. Without the teacher noticing, Brianna pulled out her cellphone and began to record what many have called inappropriate comments for a teacher. “Don’t let size fool you. I will drop you,” the teacher threatened a student in the recording Brianna captured. “You don’t know me, that’s all I’m saying. So, don’t give me no look,” the unnamed educator continued.

“You’re the biggest kid in 5th grade and you’re acting like the smallest one,” the Science teacher added as she berated Brianna’s classmate. “I wonder what your mom looks like,” she said, further insulting the student. Knowing the teacher had been mean to students before and finally armed with the evidence to prove it, Brianna turned the recording over to school officials.

“The staff at Sam Gaines Academy investigated the incident involving unprofessional behavior by the teacher and took swift, appropriate action,” the St. Lucie County School District said in a statement. “The teacher was dismissed and no longer works for the school system.”

The teacher was fired, effectively ending her verbal abuse of her students. But, if Brianna Cooper thought she’d get a thank-you for stepping up against the bullying, she was greatly mistaken. Instead of being applauded for her bravery, she was summoned to the principal’s office.

There, Brianna was suspended for five days for making the recording, which the school alleged was illegal. But, according to the law, recording someone without their permission can be legal if there is not a reasonable expectation of privacy.