Henry Cavill receives support from his fans by sharing heartbreaking personal news

“I’m sorry for your loss,” was commented on countless times in a post in which Henry Cavill opened up about the last event that had left his heart broken. The actor took his time on social media to explain what happened and people gave him all their support.

The dog that the actor shared with his girlfriend has died

Henry Cavill has posted unexpected and moving news on Instagram. The actor shared an emotionally charged post, where he revealed the heartbreaking loss of his beloved dog, Meat, earlier this year.

“In April, our French bulldog, Meat, died,” he wrote. “He lived a very long life (14 and a half years) and his last years were full of adventure and fun. However, his death hurt me. It hurt a lot. However, life must go on, and it did, but there was a hole in our hearts that needed to be fed.”

Shortly before Meat died, Henry and his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, 32, were seen at a veterinary clinic in Turkey, and media outlets claimed the dog was sick.

Viscuso also took to Instagram to share the sad news. “I love you forever,” he captioned a black and white photo of her holding Meat in her arms. “Rest in peace, sweet boy.”

In the same statement in which Cavill revealed Meat’s death, he shared other news. As the former Superman contemplated the profound effect of losing his beloved pet, he and Natalie discovered a path to healing and introduced their newest family member: a puppy they affectionately named Baggins.

In a heartfelt message, he shared, “While there can never truly be a replacement for Meatboi, Natalie and I have embarked on a new journey in our lives, and this little fellow is a part of it. Meet Baggins,” he announced alongside two delightful snapshots featuring the tiny French bulldog and his companion, Kal, an American Akita, both captured in the photos. “Kal, being the old, grumpy sage he is, and Baggins, ever eager to make new acquaintances, make for quite the pair,” he added with a warm smile. “Baggins is a bundle of both wonder and mischief, as puppies are apt to be, and he’s certainly filling our hearts with joy.”