Homemakers Criticize Meghan Markle for Claiming Credit as the Creator of The Hubb Kitchen: Dispute Over Founder Status

Homemakers have expressed their disapproval of Meghan Markle, accusing her of appropriating credit as the creator of The Hubb Kitchen, when in fact she was not its founder. This controversy stems from recent messages that Meghan sent to the UK charity Smart Works.

In these messages, she mentioned her firsthand experiences witnessing the joy that lights up a woman’s face. It’s important to note that Meghan served as the patron of Smart Works for just over a year before leaving the UK.

Some have questioned the need for Smart Works to send her photos of smiling women, as mentioned in her message. However, Meghan’s ties to the charity run deep, and she appears to be reflecting on her involvement.

In 2022, on the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, Meghan spoke to members of The Hubb Community Kitchen. During her speech, she made a statement that has sparked controversy. Meghan said, “We founded Hubb together, and I think what I’m most proud of is what you’ve all been able to do.” She went on to highlight the impact they achieved beyond meeting an immediate post-fire need, mentioning the cookbook and the resources it raised for the kitchen.

However, the dispute arises from the fact that The Hubb Community Kitchen was established by homemakers displaced by the Grenfell Tower tragedy in June 2017, well before Meghan’s involvement. Her marriage to Prince Harry took place in May 2018. The Hubb Kitchen subsequently published a cookbook in September 2018, for which Meghan wrote a foreword. Given these facts, the claim that Meghan co-founded The Hubb Kitchen appears to be inaccurate, leading to discontent among the women associated with the organization.

Additionally, Meghan’s assertion that she approached Michelle Obama for help with her Vogue editorship over a casual lunch of chicken tacos has been met with skepticism. It was later revealed that this exchange occurred via email, casting doubt on the casual nature of the interaction.

Critics argue that Meghan’s involvement in charity work is relatively recent and may have been motivated by her relationship with Prince Harry. They point out that her charitable efforts started only a year or two before meeting Harry, even though his family had long been involved in numerous charities. Some argue that Meghan seems to jump between charities, and her commitment to philanthropy has been inconsistent.

Moreover, there are allegations that Meghan leverages her identity as a person of color for personal gain. Critics argue that she only embraced her Black identity when it became advantageous, which has led to accusations of opportunism.

In essence, the controversy surrounding Meghan Markle is rooted in questions about the authenticity of her claims and motivations in her charitable and public endeavors.