Story Time

‘I’ve nothing to eat’ a desperate old lady calls 911. Cops find a disturbing situation at her home.

One day A call came in at the police station. Hardly anyone could have guessed what the call would be about. Usually the police are called when there was an emergency or a crime. This time, however, the case was much simpler and, at the same time, much more difficult, hello. The woman on call greeted the officer on duty in a shaky voice.

I need help. I haven’t left the house in days and I have nothing to eat at all. Can you help me? The officer on duty took the call, wrote down the information and sent a patrol to the address. The closest vehicle to the destination was Officer, Steve Jones and Garrett Franklin, the officers heard from the dispatcher that the call was related to an elderly woman who had not left her home in days and had nothing to eat a short time later.

A patrol with police officers was on the scene. What was their surprise when they saw that the address was listed on? The call was a beautiful house with a well-kept garden in an upscale area of town in their minds. This didn’t sit well with their ideas of the living conditions of a person who was starving to death. They approached the house and pressed the Bell.

It took some time before they heard on hurried Footsteps in the door open. A little old lady appeared in the doorway. Barely on her feet, good afternoon said Garrett softly. We received a call from Mrs Hilda Ross. Is that you?

Yes, the old woman answered faintly? Please come inside the officers followed haran. Then they saw that the woman had left her arm carelessly bandaged. They went into the living room and sat down Officer, Steve turned to the woman. Mrs Ross, are you hurt a blush of embarrassment flooded the old woman’s face?

Yes, she answered faintly. I was working in the garden pruning a buga and Villa, and I fell down the stairs. I see pronounced Steve. There was no one else with you. I have a son.

The woman shook her head, but he’s on a business trip right now, he’ll be here in two weeks. Garrett joined the conversation. Mrs Ross, did you call for a doctor? No, I think it’s a common sprain. It just hurts badly.

I can’t even walk besides. My refrigerator is empty and I haven’t eaten in two days. You haven’t eaten in two days, exclaimed Garrett, and why haven’t you reached out to your neighbors? The thing is we just recently moved in and I haven’t had time to get to know them. I can’t walk to the store.

My arm hurts so much. My son doesn’t know anything about it. I didn’t bother him since he just got the job. The woman didn’t want to alarm her son. While she herself was in a dangerous situation.

Steve turned to her man. Will call an ambulance and they’ll. Take you to the hospital. No, Mrs Ross suddenly cried out not again, please. After my husband passed away, I’m scared to death of ambulances.

He died in one of those cars. The officers looked at each other, all right in that case, we’ll drive you ourselves. How do you feel about that? But I just need groceries. I have money.

Mrs Ross squeaked, please ma’am Steve urged her he’ll be examined there and then we’ll take you to the supermarket. All right, the old woman obeyed the policeman. They carefully led her to the car and placed her in the back seat. A few minutes later, they were at a nearby hospital explaining the situation to a doctor in the emergency room. The doctor examined Mrs Ross’s arm and referred her to an x-ray.

It’S a simple sprain the woman resisted, but the doctor’s face expressed concern. He turned to the woman, Mrs Ross. I know you haven’t eaten in two days, but you need to bury it a little longer until I examine your scans, the doctor’s fears were confirmed. He diagnosed a woman with a compound fracture of her arm and shoulder. Mrs Ross was immediately taken away for emergency surgery.

A few hours later, the two officers returned to the hospital where Mrs Ross was being held. The doctor assured them that the operation had gone well and the woman was now resting and regaining strength. Steve asked the doctor she was hungry. Was she fed? No, since she was under anesthesia, she couldn’t be fan she’s on an IV as soon as she regains Consciousness would be sure to give her food.

The officers Tracked Down Mrs Ross’s son’s number and called him to tell him what happened. The man was desperate. He said he was in a it would take him three days to get to the nearest airport. Stephen Garrett then promised him that they would take care of his mother themselves until he arrived when Mrs Ross regained Consciousness. The first people she saw here were police officers.

Oh, were you still here? She whispered, as you can see, Mira replied with a smile, we’ll stay with you until your son returns he’s on his way and he’s very worried about you. The woman became worried he’s going to scold me Steve smirked. In response, don’t worry, ma’am will protect you right now. You need to eat.

The nurse says you can have some soup for the next three days the police officers appeared regularly in Mrs Ross’s room in the evenings. They took turns visiting the old woman spoiling her with treats and flowers soon. The woman’s condition improved and she was full of strength. By the day her son arrived, Mrs Ross had been discharged from the hospital mom. He said with tears in his eyes.

I have no excuse for leaving you all alone, but I wasn’t alone son Mrs Ross replied, proudly Steve and Garrett were around all those three days they took turns coming in to check on me. David was surprised, Stephen Garrett, who are you talking about mom? Have you met the neighbors they’re, the cops who came to see me after I asked for help the woman explained they’re my friends now that same evening, David met the officers in person. He thanked Stephen Garrett. Hardly I’m so grateful to you.

You saved my mom and really helped me out. Thank you so much. That’S all right, sir Steve replied: it’s our daily job, we’re just doing our jobs guarding and protecting people Garrett’s second in his colleague. Besides we’re aware of how stubborn mothers can be sometimes so we kept an eye out on Mrs Ross, so she wouldn’t get in trouble soon. Mrs Ross, fully recovered and officer Stephen Garrett, who’d become close friends with a woman often visited her.