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Jennifer Aniston teases fans with steamy shower pic

Actress Jennifer Aniston has sent her fans into a frenzy by teasing a new addition to her hair care line, LolaVie, with a nude shower picture.

The 53-year-old actress, who is known for her long shiny hair, shared the image on her Instagram account, which has almost 41 million followers.

With her back to the camera, she stood naked in the shower as water and shampoo foam streamed down over her body.

In the caption, she wrote: “Something’s coming 9.8.22,” adding a shower emoji.

Many of her fans took to the comments section to express their excitement and support.

One person wrote: “Aww mama, very happy for your achievement with this new step #LolaLove (heart emoji) CONTINUE TO SHINEEE!”

Another commented: “I’m sooooo excited!!!!” A third said: “The best hair products and our best girl yeahh this team #LolaLove rocks.”

Aniston has had a complicated relationship with social media in the past.

For a long time, she resisted joining the platform, but in 2019, she set a record for the fastest Instagram account to reach one million followers.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last December, she discussed the power of social media in the entertainment industry.

She said: “It’s almost like the media handed over the sword to any Joe Schmo sitting behind a computer screen to be a troll or whatever they call them and bully people in comment sections.”

Despite this, she acknowledged the importance of social media in the industry. “It’s just sort of changed hands in a way.”

“And I don’t know why there’s such a cruel streak in society,” she said.

Aniston has used her platform to promote a variety of causes and to share personal moments with her fans, such as her recent engagement to actor Justin Theroux.

The actress is known for her roles in several popular TV shows and movies, including “Friends”, “Marley & Me”, and “The Morning Show.”

She has also produced and starred in several films, such as “Dumplin’” and “The Switch.”

She has also been a vocal advocate for various charitable causes, including Stand Up to Cancer and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Aniston’s hair care line, LolaVie, was launched in 2020 and includes a variety of hair care products, such as shampoos and conditioners.

The line is inspired by Aniston’s own hair care routine and is designed to promote healthy, shiny hair.

The products are made with natural ingredients and are free from parabens and sulfates.

The actress has been a vocal advocate for self-care and has shared her own self-care routine with her fans in the past.

She has also spoken about the importance of taking care of one’s hair and has shared tips and tricks on how to achieve healthy, shiny hair.

Aniston’s fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of the new addition to the LolaVie line, which is set to be revealed on September 8th.

The actress has not yet revealed any details about what the new addition will be, but fans are speculating that it could be a new hair care product or a new scent.