Jennifer Lawrence and the role that is not forgiven

The actress has confessed to ‘The Howard Stern Show’ that she wanted to be the lead in ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most famous actresses on the international scene and throughout Hollywood. Her films are counted as successes, especially the saga of ‘The Hunger Games’, where she became more famous for her interpretation of Katniss Everdeen.

After that role that so much life absorbed her, the American actress decided to stop. She decided to take a break to put her life in order, as she confessed in a recent interview with the YouTube channel, ‘First We Feast’. A break that she, without a doubt, does not regret, since it has allowed her to take up the following projects with more enthusiasm.

In fact, one of them is this comedy that she is currently promoting, ‘No bad vibes’, in which she stars alongside Andrew Barth Feldman, and which has led her to travel the world to announce her arrival at the cinemas. A promotion in which the interpreter has not only talked about the film, but also about ‘The Hunger Games’ and how she is willing to put herself in the shoes, again, of ‘the girl on Fire’, but also of the film that he has not made.

Her attempt to play the role of Bella in another mythical saga such as ‘Twilight’ is already known, but in an interview with the radio program ‘The Howard Stern Show’, the actress has confessed which other film she would have liked to participate in, even more than in the aforementioned.

Alice in Wonderland, her great nightmare
Jennifer Lawrence refers to Tim Burton’s film, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, assuring that “it is the only role that kills me not having gotten and the only time it destroyed me not getting the position.” Of course, she also points out that she thought that Mia Wasikowska (interpreter of Alicia) gave a great performance since she could not have gotten the British accent.