Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got into a fight and he left her house

Not everything is hunky dory in the marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck; The couple would be facing a crisis after their wedding.

After having celebrated their second wedding which lasted three days at Ben Affleck’s luxurious mansion in Georgia, the couple would face their first marital crisis. A source close to the couple revealed that after their wedding that brought together their most loved ones, the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck has been involved in discussions and the actor would have decided to leave his home in Los Angeles after a strong fight.

Just a month after the celebrities decided to unite their lives for the second time, said source revealed that they were not going through their best moment, as it was announced that Affleck left the mansion where he lives with Jennifer Lopez.

And although her love story has been like a fairy tale, rumors have emerged that their relationship is in crisis, because Jennifer wants to have absolute control. “They have returned to the daily life of working and being parents, reality has hit them,” the aforementioned source revealed. “The couple doesn’t stop fighting. Before the wedding, Jennifer gave an Oscar-worthy performance, pretending to be perfect and very relaxed.

“Ben was blinded by love but he didn’t realize what he was getting into,” the source told “Radar Online,” about what the bond between the actor and the singer is currently like. According to the above, the strong discussion between celebrities was a consequence of Jennifer Lopez’s great concern that Ben Affleck would return to his previous behaviors and habits, such as partying and his taste for gambling, which triggered his previous relationship failure.

After their first wedding in Las Vegas, the couple decided to organize a second ceremony at actor Ben Affleck’s luxurious mansion located in Georgia. Three Ralph Lauren haute couture dresses were the outfits that Jennifer Lopez chose to once again celebrate her marriage to actor Ben Affleck, at a wedding in which they brought together her closest family and friends.

“Bennifer”, she gathered her closest friends and of course those who could not be missing from the wedding were her children, who were present at the ceremony; On one side were Emme and Max, Jennifer’s children, and on the other side were the children that Ben had with Jennifer Garner, -the actress who was invited to the event but could not attend due to professional commitments.

In addition, famous friends of the couple attended, including Matt Damon, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and businessman Patrick Whitesell, all accompanied by their wives. It is known that the guests were dressed in white, apparently, it was part of the wedding etiquette. Among other details, it was revealed that for the reception, a large white cape was placed and there were fireworks and a fire truck to ensure the safety of the event.