Julia Roberts refused to kiss and starred in an intense rivalry

Julia Roberts has starred in a large number of films. On one occasion, the bad relationship was so bad that she refused to shoot a scene.

There is no doubt that Julia Roberts is the queen of romantic comedies. The 54-year-old actress has starred in a wide variety of films, but among them, we can highlight Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Runaway Bride, and I Love Trouble, among others. Now in the present, she returns to the genre with Ticket to Paradise, the new film that she stars with George Clooney.

But among her extensive filmography, we want to focus on I Love Trouble. Also known as One Against Another, is a 1994 romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte. As for its story, it focused on two Chicago reporters who have a rivalry, but when they are forced to work together after discovering a conspiracy, love begins to blossom.


The truth is that the film is not one of Roberts’ best known and the reason lies in the fact that it was not well received by critics. The reason? The terrible chemistry that existed between the protagonists. And is that like her characters, both Julia and Nick Nolte became rivals during the filming of the film.

Apparently, they both started off on the wrong foot and ended up resulting in a bad relationship, which they didn’t even try to hide. Even Julia Roberts came to describe the actor as “nasty” and she refused to kiss him. They eventually had to, but it was one of the few scenes they filmed together.

The Pretty Woman actress didn’t like Nolte’s macho attitude and comments, and he did everything he could to irritate her. For this reason, the director of the film, Charles Shyer, decided that the best thing for the production was for the actors to film their scenes separately, to avoid friction and conflicts.

Still, when it came time to promote the film, neither Julia nor Nick had good things to say about the other. “From the moment I met him, we made it pretty hard for each other,” Roberts revealed. And it seems the actress’s comments didn’t sit well with her co-star. “It’s not nice when someone calls you nasty. But she’s not a good person and everyone knows it,” Nolte concluded.

The age difference between the actors didn’t help either. At that time, Julia was still in the early stages of her career at the age of 26, while Nolte already had extensive filmography and some 52 years on top.

And it seems that the rivalry between the actors still stands firm today since neither of them seems to give in or want to make peace. In 2009, more than ten years after the film’s release, Julia made an appearance on a talk show and didn’t hesitate to impersonate a co-star, referencing Nick Nolte. Neither of them crossed paths again and for the moment, it seems that they prefer to leave it that way.