Kirsten Dunst confessed why the scene with Brad Pitt was disgusting for her

Kirsten Dunst is one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood, with a long career that began when she was a child. One of her first roles was that of Claudia, a vampire who becomes the companion of Louis (Brad Pitt) and Lestat (Tom Cruise) in the film Interview with the Vampire, directed by Neil Jordan in 1994.

Dunst was only 11 years old when she was chosen to play Claudia, after passing several auditions in which she competed with other girls. According to the actress in an interview, she felt very comfortable working with Pitt and Cruise, who treated her “like a princess” and were like older brothers to her.

One of the most memorable moments of the film is when Claudia kisses Louis on the lips, before trying to kill Lestat. That was Dunst’s first kiss, even if it was for work, and she didn’t like it at all. The actress confessed on several occasions that kissing Pitt was “disgusting” and “very strange.”

Dunst recalled that she only complained twice on the set. The first was when she had to bite the sweaty neck of an actor and the second, when she kissed Brad Pitt. The actress said it was one of the worst things she did in the movie. “It was just a kiss, but I was a girl and he was like a brother to me,” the actress said. “It was very strange.”

Of course, it is not difficult to understand that although many women would have given anything in 1994 to kiss Brad Pitt, for an eleven-year-old girl that was not important. Even Kirsten said the strange thing would have been if she said it was amazing kissing Pitt.

“I remember Brad had long hair. He was a cool hippie-type guy. “Everyone at the time was like, ‘You’re so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,’ but I thought it was disgusting,” Kirsten revealed.

The actress also shared an anecdote on a talk show, in which she told what her first kiss in real life was like. At the show, Dunst asked the women to calm down after the audience screamed with excitement when the fact that she kissed Brad Pitt was mentioned.

“Don’t worry girls, it was just a peak,” said the actress and then remembered that her first kiss was with James, a schoolmate, although she liked a friend of his. She also confessed that her best friend Molly had a crush on James. A story that could be the beginning of a comedy.

If there is one thing clear, it is that Kirsten Dunst never forgot that awkward moment that she had to experience as an eleven-year-old actress, kissing an older man. But what is striking is that if she expressed her discomfort at having to kiss a man twenty years older than her, the scene was not eliminated from the film.

Some think that everything was a strategy by director Neil Jordan, to surprise viewers, since in reality, the scene does not contribute much to the plot of the story, even if it was a simple innocent kiss. Some think that the simple fact that a girl said that she didn’t feel comfortable doing a scene was reason enough not to do it.

When Pitt was asked about Dunst’s comments, he responded: “Listen, it wasn’t an easy road for me either. “I mean, my dad is going to see this movie.” However, we cannot deny that the work of the young actress, alongside big stars, opened the doors wide to the wonderful world of Hollywood.