Lady C Exposes Prince Harry’s Singapore Trip: 260 Ticket Returns and an Utter Flop

Recent reports suggest that Prince Harry’s trip to Singapore didn’t quite live up to expectations, as Lady C reveals that a surprising 260 people returned their tickets. It appears that Prince Harry’s royal status may be fading, as he reportedly found himself somewhat ignored during a charity polo match in Singapore.

During the match, where he played for the Royal Salute Center Bell team against the Singapore Polo Club team, the game concluded in a 7-7 draw. However, what followed caught the attention of many.

After the match concluded, Prince Harry was seen walking alone, appearing somewhat awkward and uncertain about what to do, particularly when the team was awarded the trophy. Reports suggest that he clutched onto the trophy rather possessively, showing reluctance to share it, despite the collective effort of the team.

Body language expert Judy James offered her insights into Prince Harry’s behavior after the game. She suggested that Prince Harry may not have the accustomed body language for such moments when he finds himself alone and somewhat ignored by others at the event. She further noted that Harry appeared uneasy in this situation, especially without the adoring gaze of his wife, Meghan, who was still at home in Montecito during his solo trip to Asia.

During this time, Prince Harry was seen greeting his longtime close friend, the Argentine polo player Nacho Figueras, with a friendly handshake and hug. While this may have signaled their friendship and camaraderie, Judy noted that the women they were with seemed to be ignoring the pair, engrossed in their phones.

Judy went on to suggest that Prince Harry is no longer enjoying the perks of his royal status and must get used to being treated differently than before. As a royal, he would have been accustomed to being the center of attention and receiving admiring smiles and polite flattery in group settings and events. However, this is no longer guaranteed.

In response to Prince Harry’s behavior and the reported ticket returns, Lady C expressed her views, describing it as “crass” and suggesting that Harry’s actions were childish and unbecoming. She also revealed that 260 tickets were returned, characterizing the trip as an “utter flop” and remarking that Prince Harry is trying to portray himself as a “Playboy Prince.” She highlighted his attention span and his ongoing battle with the media.