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Little Girl Attacked on Bus, Principal Calls Video ‘Gruesome and Horrifying’

“She can’t tell them to stop. She couldn’t get away because she’s in a five-point harness car seat. She just had to sit there and take it, and the bus driver wasn’t stopping,” an upset mother explained after seeing what her young daughter endured on the school bus. And, it’s heartbreaking, to say the least.

Lillian Waldron, a 10-year-old little girl with developmental delays, attends Langlade Elementary School in Green Bay, Wisconsin. To get to and from school, she rides a bus with other students who also have special needs, sitting in a child safety seat with a five-point harness directly behind the bus driver.

One would think such an arrangement would provide the utmost safety for the nonverbal little girl, but her parents found out that sadly wasn’t the case. When Lillian, affectionately called Lilly by her parents, came home on a Monday afternoon, she ran to her mother crying, holding her arm, and was inconsolable. Lilly doesn’t speak. So, her mom didn’t know what was wrong. She would find out, however, when she took off her daughter’s shirt and uncovered a grisly sight.

“She loves baths and that’s soothing to her. So, I brought her home and I was getting her ready for the bath. I took her sweatshirt off, and that’s when I noticed,” recalled Lynn Waldron-Moehle, Lillian’s mother. The disabled child’s tiny upper arms were covered in major bruises, indicating the torture she was forced to endure as her safety seat prevented her from getting away from the abuse.

While sitting right behind the bus driver, Lillian Waldron was repeatedly bitten by another student, unable to tell her tormenter to stop. But, although Lilly can’t speak, she does make sounds when she’s in pain — sounds the bus driver should have heard and investigated. Instead, the driver did nothing to help. That’s why her parents are speaking out.

“The seat was right behind the bus driver and he couldn’t hear anything going on or see anything? Come on,” Chad Waldron, Lillian’s dad, said in disbelief. Making matters worse, the incident was caught on video that’s been described as “gruesome and horrifying.”

According to a representative for Lamers Bus Lines, all Green Bay Area Public Schools buses have video recording devices on them and bus drivers are allowed to step in if an altercation happens. But, that’s seemingly not what happened during the incident involving Lillian Waldron.