Man Beats Wife In Public: Seconds Later, Good Samaritan Strikes Hard

A man beat his wife in broad daylight, as onlookers simply watched. Seconds later, however, karma decided to strike with full force. Luckily for us, it was all caught in shocking CCTV footage that quickly went viral. But, there’s much more to the story than even what the video shows.

Emre Derebaşı, a cleaning worker, was on his regular shift when he saw a scene unfold in the street that left him in disbelief. A violent assault appeared to be happening right in front of him. It seemed a man was viciously beating his helpless wife with a weapon as she could only lay in the street as the blows were delivered.

While violence is always a terrible thing, there’s something even more distressing about violence in relationships and assaults against the physically vulnerable, like a child or a small woman. Unfortunately, even though the thought of physically hurting someone who not only doesn’t stand a chance against you but also loves you is unforgivable, it’s not an uncommon thing.

What is uncommon, though, is seeing an abusive partner pummels their poor spouse in broad daylight. Sadly, that’s exactly what Emre witnessed when one man decided to beat his wife in the streets of Istanbul’s Kağıthane district in Turkey one morning. But, things weren’t going to go as anyone had planned.