Meghan Markle Blushes as Team Nigeria at Invictus Games Gives Insulting Title, Branding Her Idiotic for PR Boast

Meghan Markle found herself in an unexpected and somewhat uncomfortable situation as Team Nigeria at the Invictus Games bestowed upon her a rather surprising and somewhat insulting title, labeling her as “idiotic” for what some perceived as a PR stunt.

This incident occurred during Meghan’s debut appearance at the sixth International Adaptive Sports Competition held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Her presence there was in support of her husband, Prince Harry, who has been actively promoting this event designed to honor wounded, injured, and sick military veterans.

During their visit, Harry and Meghan engaged in various activities, including attending a thrilling wheelchair basketball match between Ukraine and Australia and interacting with children participating in the event.

The naming controversy began when Meghan shared on a podcast that she had recently discovered her Nigerian heritage through a genealogy test, along with Colombian and Israeli roots. During her time at the Invictus Games, Prince Harry posed for photos with the Nigerian team and their national flag.

It was reported that the Nigerian team presented Meghan with the title “Amir” and “Osilolo,” with significant meanings attributed to each. “Amir Khan” referenced a legendary warrior princess, while “Osilolo” was understood to mean “blessed” and “Lolo” as “Royal wife.”

However, this gesture was met with mixed reactions. Some Nigerians objected to the interpretation of these titles, asserting that they did not accurately represent genuine Nigerian culture. For instance, “Amir” could be seen as a term denoting royalty, which did not align with Meghan’s status, while “Lolo” was typically associated with the wife of a chief, which Prince Harry did not hold. Essentially, the titles seemed more like a goodwill gesture to welcome Meghan and Prince Harry into the Nigerian team rather than an official recognition of royal status.

Amidst these cultural interpretations, Meghan and Prince Harry’s appearance at the Invictus Games marked a significant turning point in their public image. It appeared to signal their efforts to shed the “Toxic couple” label that had been associated with them, particularly after their documentary and the Harry and Meghan spin-off. They were striving to regain their popularity, with experts suggesting that divorce rumors were unfounded and that their focus was on repairing the damage caused by past controversies.

As they stepped onto the field, the crowd’s warm welcome and applause demonstrated a renewed appreciation for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, dispelling the earlier divorce speculations and reaffirming their place in the public eye.