Meghan Markle Caught Being Kicked Out by Guard as Kevin Uncovers Her Rude Behavior towards Franciscan Friar

Meghan Markle found herself in an embarrassing situation as she was escorted out by security guards, a moment that unfolded when Kevin, an event organizer, exposed her disrespectful behavior towards a Franciscan Friar.

During a recent charity event held at Kevin Conner’s Polo Field in Santa Barbara on May 18th, Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, made a surprise appearance. The star-studded gathering included notable figures like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. However, despite the impressive guest list, insiders revealed that Meghan and Harry were largely overlooked by the celebrities in attendance.

In an attempt to connect with the crowd, Meghan and Harry approached Katy Perry’s parents and asked for a photo. They also sought out the Franciscan Friar, Father Larry Goslin of St. Barbara Parish, for intimate photos. However, an uncomfortable incident occurred when Meghan tried to kiss Father Goslin on the cheek and stood too close while taking pictures. Catholic priests adhere to celibacy and are only allowed to express affection in a friendly or familial manner, not romantically. Father Goslin had to gently remind Meghan to maintain a respectful distance on both occasions.

Furthermore, Meghan’s invitation to Father Goslin to renew his wedding vows next year was perceived as insulting and disrespectful. Father Larry Goslin is a respected Franciscan who was recently assigned to his Old Mission in Santa Barbara, and it took Kevin Conner considerable effort to invite him to the event.

This incident is not the first time Meghan has faced controversy over her behavior. At the 2023 Invictus Games in Germany, she was criticized for attempting to kiss a female audience member on the cheek without consent. The woman had previously experienced serious injuries, including assault and harassment, which made Meghan’s actions distressing.

Video footage of another awkward moment involving Meghan during Kevin Costner’s event has gone viral online. In the clip, a woman approaches Meghan with a microphone, and Meghan initially assumes it’s for her, reaching for the microphone before realizing it’s not intended for her.

These incidents have intensified the pressure on Harry and Meghan to deliver successful content for their Netflix projects. With 18 months remaining on their contract with the streaming giant and their recent Spotify partnership ending due to Luke Williams’s takeover of Meghan’s “Archewell Audio” podcast, the couple faces growing expectations and scrutiny.