Meghan Markle Compared to Kate Middleton: Claims of Being ‘Less’ Intelligent and ‘Too Emotional’

Meghan Markle has recently found herself in a comparison with Kate Middleton, as noted by Tom Quinn, the author of “Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family.” According to an Express UK report, Mr. Quinn was quoted as saying, “People I’ve spoken to assert that Kate possesses a higher degree of emotional intelligence compared to Meghan.”

He further remarked during the conversation, “Kate entered the Royal Family with a clear understanding and a willingness to adhere to the established roles without seeking to change the rules.”

Mr. Quinn also characterized Kate as a ‘conformist,’ distinguishing her from her sister-in-law Meghan, whom he referred to as a ‘rebel.’ He explained, “After completing her university education, Kate chose to work for her parents rather than pursuing an independent path.”

Adding to his perspective, Mr. Quinn stated, “In a way, the steadfast and rule-bound nature of the Royal Family mirrors the boundaries Kate experienced during her upbringing.”

Concluding his remarks, Mr. Quinn acknowledged, “I don’t believe Kate had any issues with the boundaries set by the royal family, whereas Meghan strongly disliked them due to her desire to establish her own rules. Meghan is a rebel, while Kate tends to conform to established norms.