Meghan Markle’s actual first name isn’t Meghan – and Prince Harry’s is different too

She’s one of the world’s most instantly recognizable stars – and is known to almost everyone across the world as Meghan Markle.

More formally, she goes by the name of the Duchess of Sussex after gaining a royal title on the day she married Prince Harry back in May 2018. But despite being known as Meghan, it turns out that it’s not actually her real first name – and is in fact her middle name.

That’s because when she was born back in August 1981, her parents Doria and Thomas officially named her Rachel Meghan, but despite this have always called her Meghan – as have her friends, although some shorten it to Meg. But ironically Rachel was the name of her popular character in her hit legal drama Suits.

Meghan let slip her real first name in an interview during her Suits days on American talk show The Racheal Ray Show. The show’s host told Meghan: “The character’s name is Rachel, which is great.”