Meghan Markle’s Disturbing Bullying Allegations: Coughing Up Blood and Secret Backstage Clip Revealed

Jessica Mulroney, previously associated with Meghan Markle’s inner circle, recently sparked online interest by sharing a cryptic message on her social media account. Reports have now surfaced suggesting that Mulroney might be contemplating writing a tell-all memoir.

The rumors began circulating when Jessica posted an enigmatic comment on her Instagram story, stating, “As loving as I am, my detachment game is strong too.” The following day, a blind item surfaced on the gossip site “Crazy Days and Nights,” hinting at Jessica’s potential foray into the world of literature.

This blind item alluded to the fact that Jessica, the former best friend of a well-known individual, presumably Meghan Markle, with whom she had parted ways, was apparently working on a book that could prove to be quite intriguing. Notably, Jessica Mulroney recently reached out to the YouTube channel “Popcorn Planet” and refuted allegations of bullying Princess Charlotte. However, some observers speculate that while Jessica and her daughter Ivy may not have bullied Charlotte, Meghan Markle might have been involved in such behavior.

Certain incidents at the wedding, such as Meghan glaring at Charlotte during the ceremony and other peculiar occurrences, have given rise to suspicions. These include Ivy not carrying a bouquet as Meghan was handling it, Ivy taking one of the little sisters for photos, and Charlotte appearing visibly stressed.

In a recent Reddit post, a user shared insider information from hotel staff in San Francisco who had an encounter with Jessica Mulroney. According to this account, Jessica and some family members were staying at a five-star hotel in San Francisco for a friend’s wedding. During her stay, Jessica displayed a demanding attitude, issuing orders to her assistant and family members while ignoring hotel staff.

In a conversation at the hotel bar and lobby, someone from her group inquired about Harry and Meghan’s well-being. Jessica allegedly responded by saying that Meghan was doing fabulously and that they shared similarities as strong survivors. She also implied that Meghan had learned from her example and become more discerning. When asked about Harry, Jessica evaded the question, suggesting it was not safe to discuss him in that setting.

Notably, it is suggested that Jessica purposefully made these comments, aware that hotel staff would overhear them. This lends credence to the speculation that if she is indeed working on a book, it might revolve around her friendship with Meghan and her own life’s journey. Before that, Mulroney’s white privilege controversy had seemingly given Meghan the reason she was waiting for to sever ties with Jessica for good, as one source noted.

Mulroney did make a cameo appearance in the Sussexes’ Netflix docu-series “Harry & Meghan,” which debuted last December. In the show, Harry and Meghan reflected on their 2017 engagement, and the footage included Meghan FaceTiming with Mulroney right before the red-headed Royal proposed. However, viewers observed that Mulroney was neither interviewed in the series nor mentioned by the Sussexes, despite playing a significant role in their lives at the time they fell in love.

Mulroney seemingly responded to this by posting another cryptic quote on social media that stated, “The best thing I ever did was learn how to move without the crowd.”