Meghan Markle’s Huge Fortune Demand from Prince Harry Confirmed On Air as Sussexes Divorce

Reports suggest that the couple is facing their deepest crisis yet, with several of their projects failing to generate income following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Amid growing divorce rumors, the British press speculates about the economic agreement between Meghan and Harry, with talk of a prenuptial agreement. Apparently, the pre-agreed amount, said to be $80 million for the support of their children, Lilabeth and Archie, did not sit well with King Charles III.

As the potential divorce unfolds, custody of the children becomes a significant point of contention, with Meghan reportedly wanting to fight for custody rights. Their relationship has allegedly suffered since the pandemic, facing financial issues, job failures, and the passing of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

Recently, the couple lost a $20 million contract with Spotify, and their documentary for Netflix failed to receive an Emmy nomination. While King Charles is willing to support Harry once divorced, Meghan wishes to retain her title as the Duchess of Sussex to remain a member of the British Royals, even if a divorce ensues.