Meghan’s Alleged Affair with Brett Ratner for ‘Horrible Bosses’ Role While He Was Dating Serena

The fairy tale version of Meghan’s rise to fame paints a picture of a struggling actress catapulted to stardom overnight. However, let’s peel back the layers of this narrative to reveal a different truth. In a 2012 interview, Meghan’s recollections of her path to acting take an interesting turn.

When asked about her life five years prior, she provides some curious responses. Meghan claims to have entered the movie business in 2007, having graduated college and worked at the Argentinian Embassy. She attributes her discovery to a chance encounter at a party and even suggests she might have pursued a career in politics if not for this fortuitous discovery.

Yet, the reality appears quite different. Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, asserts that he financially supported her throughout her education. Far from glamorous, her earlier career involved a stint as a briefcase girl. She graduated nearly a decade before her interview, not five years as she implies. From 2003 onward, she struggled as an actress, facing considerable unemployment.

Meghan’s claims of being discovered at a party also raise eyebrows. Rather than mingling with politicians and socialites, she was a dedicated, hardworking actress trying to make her mark in the industry.

Now, let’s delve into the Brett Ratner connection. Some reports suggest that Meghan may have engaged in questionable tactics to secure a role in “Horrible Bosses.” Allegedly, she spent numerous nights with Ratner, known for his controversial business practices, which sometimes involved offering movie roles in exchange for certain favors. This web of speculation raises questions about Meghan’s involvement in such activities.

What adds another layer to this story is Meghan’s alleged involvement with Ratner while he was dating her supposed best friend, Serena Williams. While Serena prefers not to discuss that period of her life, some earlier accounts claim that Meghan had connections with disgraced producers like Brett Ratner and Harvey Weinstein for various reasons.

These revelations may cast a new light on Meghan’s journey to fame and her personal relationships. It remains to be seen how Serena, who is now focused on her family and career, views these past associations in light of Meghan’s current pursuits.