Montecito Neighbors Reveal: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Evicted, Children Not Seen by Locals

Residents living near Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s residence have been increasingly vocal about their dissatisfaction with the couple’s recent behavior. It seems that Meghan, in particular, has garnered a significant amount of negative attention from her neighbors. According to a recent report, the locals are eagerly anticipating her departure as her presence in the neighborhood has not been well-received.

One neighbor was quoted as saying, “We can’t wait for her to go.” This sentiment appears to be widespread, with residents counting down the days until the Sussexes relocate. The general consensus among the neighbors is that Meghan and Harry’s attitude has left much to be desired.

Meghan Markle’s popularity has been on the decline for some time, and it appears that even those who live close to her aren’t fans of her demeanor. One of the couple’s Montecito neighbors described Meghan as “high and mighty,” saying, “We cannot wait for her to go.”

Additionally, during the couple’s recent absence in Germany, the neighborhood reportedly enjoyed a period of tranquility, which many residents hope will continue upon their return. Locals have expressed frustration with the couple’s tendency to attract paparazzi and create chaos wherever they go, seemingly for the sole purpose of appearing important.

The Sussexes, as they are referred to by some, are not well-liked in the neighborhood, with their perceived entitlement and rudeness becoming legendary among the community. Many neighbors wish they could move elsewhere as they find the Sussexes’ behavior off-putting.

Some neighbors even believe that Meghan is manipulating her husband, Prince Harry, a view echoed by her own father, Thomas Markle. The negative impact of Meghan’s attitude seems to have affected the entire neighborhood, with one neighbor recalling an unsuccessful attempt to welcome the couple when they first moved in. The neighbor added that they weren’t the only ones who hadn’t warmed to The Duchess and said her attitude has upset the entire neighborhood.

Thomas Markle told Good Morning Britain that Meghan isn’t the person he once knew as his daughter. When asked if he blamed Harry for that, he responded, “I don’t know if I blame her or Harry. I think she has more influence on Harry than he does on her.”

One neighbor previously attempted to welcome Meghan and Harry when they first moved in by offering them some films about the history of the exclusive Californian enclave, but the Sussexes simply weren’t interested.

It’s worth noting that one of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s billionaire neighbors reportedly sold his $19 million mansion simply to avoid living next to them. While the couple’s social life appears subdued, their neighbors seem to be distancing themselves, possibly due to the constant scrutiny and media attention the Sussexes attract.

Harry and Meghan, who relocated to the United States after stepping back from their royal duties in 2020, now reside in an $11.5 million mansion in Montecito, Santa Barbara, California. However, their neighbors don’t appear to be impressed with their attitudes and behavior. Recent surveys indicate that Meghan’s disapproval rating stands at 33 percent, while Harry is liked by 39 percent of respondents. These numbers reflect a decline in their popularity since their move to the neighborhood.