Natalie Portman’s most successful film that makes her uncomfortable

Natalie Portman does not enjoy the film, like almost everyone, since there are scenes for which she is embarrassed

One might imagine, with a valid reason, that Natalie Portman held the memory of The Perfect Killer very fondly. Of course, the actress kicked off her successful career with this fantastic role, in which she plays a girl who finds the affection that she doesn’t have in her house in an endearing hit man.

“I know it’s a beloved movie, people still remember me for that role, much more than the others I’ve done, but really when I see it I find a lot of things that embarrass me, to put it mildly,” Portman said during an interview. “It’s hard to see.”

Recall that in Luc Besson’s film, Natalie plays a 12-year-old girl who falls in love with Jean Reno’s character, with quite controversial scenes, such as when she sings Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’, dressed as Marylin Monroe. In any case, the film always maintains the distance between them, which makes us all remember this film, without causing rejection.

The director of this film was later denounced for s- abuse, in 2018, which led the actress to declare that she “never knew of these behaviors, I was a child when I worked with him.” Perhaps this is also an element that makes Portman uncomfortable every time she watches that movie. Over the years, she may see herself with different eyes.