New Instagram Photos Spark Rumors of Delfina Ending Friendship with Meghan Markle Amidst Revelations by Zara

The dynamics between Meghan and Nacho’s wife, Delfina, have taken a curious turn in recent times. Last year, Delfina publicly expressed her support for Meghan Markle in June 2022. She even shared a photo of the two on Instagram, captioning it with warm words about their friendship.

However, since August 2022, there seemed to be a noticeable silence. No photos, no statements. While Meghan and Nacho maintained a high-profile presence in the media, Delfina appeared to have stepped back.

Yet, there’s been a recent development on Instagram. Delfina has resurfaced with a series of photos from what appears to be a group horseback riding event. One striking black and white shot captured Delfina outdoors, chatting with Prince Constantine Alexius of Greece and Denmark, who happens to be Prince William’s godson. This image made its way to the prince’s Instagram stories as well.

In another picture, Delfina shared a warm embrace with the prince, and additional photos showcased her and some friends enjoying a horseback ride, possibly after crossing a river

While Meghan might be seeking positive publicity to restore her tarnished reputation, Delfina seems to be more focused on her own Instagram presence, maintaining a niche and aesthetically pleasing feed. It appears that Delfina has drawn a line, opting not to participate in Meghan’s quest to create “power couples” for social events.

The 2022 Polo season seemed to bring some cordial interactions, with Meghan and Nacho appearing cozy at events. However, there were rumors of flirtatious behavior between Meghan and Nacho, which may have crossed a line for Delfina. She likely wouldn’t tolerate another woman getting too close to her husband.

The situation escalated after Meghan was photographed raising a polo trophy, an act that Delfina seemingly found unamusing. In response, Delfina posted a photo of the polo ponies, subtly emphasizing their significance on the day.

Earlier this year, Delfina and Nacho were in Australia, spending time with Zara and Mike Tindall. It’s rumored that Zara might have shared some insights with Delfina, which could explain her recent distancing from Meghan. There’s also speculation that Delfina was embarrassed by Meghan’s behavior, particularly during the trophy presentation.

Delfina’s Instagram, once a more personal space, has seemingly transitioned into a platform with underlying messages. She made two posts that appeared to subtly critique Meghan. One of these posts was made after the controversial trophy presentation, while the other featured an unflattering candid photo of Meghan and a removed shot of art.

It’s apparent that Delfina’s perspective on Meghan and her actions has evolved, and her Instagram activity reflects a shift in her stance toward the Duchess.