Panic Mode: Meghan Markle Completely Destroyed On Air by William & Kate’s US Checkmate

Meghan Markle is in full-on panic mode, and it’s all thanks to William and Kate’s new US Checkmate move, which has completely shaken her on air. Ouch, talk about the final nail in Meghan’s coffin.

Prince and Princess of Wales are gearing up for some serious state visits. This news has sent shockwaves through the royal circles, as state visits are back on the agenda. William and Kate seem ready to take the world by storm, leaving Meghan and Harry trailing behind.

The couple had grand plans of being jet-setting ambassadors, completing numerous state visits. However, things have taken a turn, and they no longer hold a prestigious position within the royal family.

While Meghan and Harry reside in their fancy Montecito mansions in the US, Kate and William are busy lining up several state visits in the coming months. This development has undoubtedly left Meghan feeling somewhat regretful about not making more use of her passport for meaningful humanitarian work around the globe.

Expert Daniela Elsa points out that Meghan and Harry had the chance to be trailblazers, making a significant impact on the world through their charitable endeavors, free from the constraints of foreign office directives. Instead, Meghan’s ambitions seem to have been focused elsewhere, and she and Harry chose to step back from their royal duties, leaving behind opportunities to engage in meaningful humanitarian work on a global scale.