Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Stand by Kevin Costner after Divorce Settlement

Tom Bower, against Meghan Markle. It’s an unapologetic takedown of the Sussex couple and their seemingly contrived public personas. In a recent appearance on ‘Dan Wooten Tonight,’ Tom Bower minced no words as he called out Meghan and Harry for what he perceives as their inauthentic personas.
He highlighted a glaring issue that has long been glossed over—their use of veterans to propel themselves into the spotlight. Bower astutely questioned why they seem to evade the criticism that often accompanies their actions, and what has changed to make this situation so peculiar.

Let’s start with their recent involvement in the Invictus Games. While Meghan and Harry presented a syrupy image of compassion and empathy to the public, Bower suggests that behind the scenes, their actions tell a different story. Meghan’s visits to homeless individuals in Germany, while undoubtedly a PR move, were followed by a sharp contrast—a return to opulent comforts in their Montecito mansion.

It’s the stark dichotomy between their public personas and private realities that raises eyebrows. Bower aptly described it as ‘everything is so confection, everything is so false.’ The carefully curated image of compassion and concern appears to crumble under scrutiny.

What’s truly remarkable is that the royal family seems to have awakened to this charade. They have chosen to distance themselves from Meghan and Harry, recognizing the need to protect their own integrity and reputation. Bower succinctly expressed this sentiment, saying, ‘Finally, the royal family has seen the light and decided to ignore them completely and ostracize them. Don’t give them any help.’

This marks a turning point in the saga of Meghan and Harry—a moment when the facade of glamour and grandeur begins to crack. They are no longer shielded from criticism or held above reproach; instead, they are subject to scrutiny like any other individuals.

Bower’s closing statement carries a powerful message. He hopes that the next time Meghan and Harry land in London, they are required to go through customs and immigration like the rest of us. It’s a call for equality and fairness, a reminder that privilege should not exempt anyone from the rules and norms that govern society.”