Prince Harry inherited more money from his great-grandmother than Prince William

Prince Harry inherited more money than his brother William and the reason is very understandable.

When the Queen Mother was alive, William and Harry were one of her biggest concerns, and leaving them well protected was one of her missions. So when Queen Elizabeth II’s mother died on March 30, 2002, it was learned that the princes would receive part of her inheritance. But the one who benefited the most was the youngest, the now Duke of Sussex.

According to the BBC, the inheritance of the queen’s mother – Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, her real name – reached approximately 89 million dollars, and most of that money was destined for Harry, the prince’s youngest son. Charles and Princess Diana. Additionally, according to Town & Country, “Princes William and Harry will reportedly share around £14 million of their late great-grandmother’s estate,” about $18 million.

Why did Harry inherit more money from his great-grandmother than his brother William inherited from him? The reason is simple: because the Duke of Cambridge will be king before him and that will benefit him a lot.

So, how much is Prince William’s net worth estimated?
According to the English newspaper The Telegraph, Kate Middleton’s husband received £10 million on his 30th birthday; In addition, for having served in the militia, William received an approximate salary of 70 thousand dollars. According to Town & Country, Prince William has an approximate sum of 40 million dollars in total and his father, Prince Charles, is the one who supports almost all the expenses of his children and his families.