Prince Harry’s Hair-Thickening Secret Unveiled

It appears that Prince Harry has been keeping a hair-enhancement secret under his royal hat. Rumor has it that the Duke of Sussex has been discreetly employing a “spray-on hair” technique to conceal his alleged bald spot.

Recent photos of King Charles III’s younger son, Prince Harry, have stirred up quite the beauty controversy. Many have been speculating whether Harry underwent a hair transplant procedure, as he showcased a significantly thicker and darker head of hair in a recent headshot for his role at BetterUp. This noticeable transformation ignited discussions about his new look.

Not too long ago, the 38-year-old prince was seen with a thinner and lighter mane during a polo match in Singapore. Some observers even suggested that Harry’s promotional image had undergone some digital retouching. However, others believe that the answer to his seemingly rejuvenated locks may not be high-tech wizardry but, in fact, a product readily available at your local pharmacy.

According to Spencer Stevenson, a prominent hair loss and hair transplant advisor interviewed by The Sun, Harry’s lush mane is likely attributed to the use of “spray-on hair” during public events and photoshoots. Stevenson went on to suggest that Prince Harry might be using Nanogen hair fibers, a closely guarded secret among A-list celebrities, to instantly add volume and thickness to his hair for special occasions and media appearances.

Nanogen’s marketing claims that their product seamlessly integrates with one’s natural hair, utilizing an electrostatic charge to provide instant, natural-looking, and long-lasting hair thickness throughout the day.

Stevenson further commented, “I believe Harry’s hair is showing signs of enhancement, as it appears darker and thicker.”

Reports indicate that nearly seven million Britons struggle with hair loss or baldness, with even A-list celebrities like Wayne Rooney, Gordon Ramsay, and David Beckham rumored to have sought treatments to combat thinning hair.

Interestingly, in his tell-all memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry had previously commented on his elder brother, Prince William’s, hair loss, referring to it as “alarming.