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Princess Anne Shocks the World: Prince Harry Will Never Be Welcome Back

 In a recent royal tour, Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, made it clear that Prince Harry will not be welcomed back into the United Kingdom with open arms.

Princess Royal expressed frustration over the comments and lies he wrote in his recent book, stating that there is no way back for Harry even if he divorces Meghan and begs the King for mercy.

According to reports, King Charles has been discussing Harry and Meghan’s problems with Kate, and a decision on the matter is expected to be announced soon.

Princess Anne emphasized that there should be strict principles in place to control Harry’s actions, as his recent actions have resulted in him becoming Britain’s most disliked royal, particularly among older demographics.

A new survey conducted by YouGov found that Harry’s popularity has sunk even lower following the publication of his book, with many feeling that it was a money grab.

On the other hand, Princess Anne’s popularity has risen to the top. Out of those surveyed, an impressive 72% view Anne as the most favorable member of the royal family.

This is not the first time that Princess Anne has been the most beloved member of the royal family. In previous surveys conducted by YouGov, the British public has responded with praise for the least problematic member of the royal family. She has taken over the spots once held by Prince William and Catherine, who have fallen in popularity, but still hold high numbers at 70% and 68% respectively.