Queen Bans Meghan Markle from ‘Sussex Royal’ and Demands Abandonment of Archetype in Breaking News

Megan’s Efforts to Trademark “Archetypes” Fail, Casting a Shadow on Her Podcast Venture. Megan Markle’s recent endeavor to secure the trademark for “Archetypes” has encountered yet another setback, marking a significant failure for her podcast aspirations. After a protracted 17-month legal battle to protect the name, recent reports indicate that the battle has now been abandoned.

This development follows Spotify’s decision to discontinue the multi-million-pound podcast deal, announcing in June that it would not host the second season of the podcast. A joint statement from Archewell and the music streaming giant cited mutual agreement as the reason for parting ways. However, unofficial sources suggest that insufficient content may have contributed to the premature termination of the deal.

The application for the “Archetypes” trademark was initially filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in March 2022. It outlined Archewell’s intention to secure the name for various purposes, including downloadable audio recordings, podcasts, and cultural treatments of women and women-related stereotypes. Despite the deal falling through, this trademark claim has not been withdrawn.

The journey to trademark “Archetypes” was marked by obstacles, beginning with its rejection by the USPTO within 10 months of filing due to concerns about potential confusion with an existing trademark bearing the same name. Interestingly, it was revealed that this name was already in use by another U.S. company called Project Miracle IP Holdings, dating back to May 2018.

Following this rejection, Megan and Harry’s attorney, Marjorie Winter Norman from the LA-based firm Wilkie Farr and Gallagher, sought an extension to refine their application, extending the timeline until September. This extension came just a month after Spotify’s abrupt discontinuation of the podcast partnership.

The challenges Megan has faced in trademarking endeavors extend beyond “Archetypes.” She was previously unable to secure the trademark for “Sussex Royal” due to the Queen’s prohibition. Additionally, “Archewell” faced trademark conflicts with pre-existing businesses.

While Megan may have faced setbacks in trademarking, she had forethought to secure domain names such as “Archewell” and “Princess Megan” years in advance. Nevertheless, her brand’s reputation took a hit after the Spotify partnership dissolution in June, with industry professionals labeling them as opportunists, and Megan receiving mixed reviews for her talent.

Despite recent public appearances, including the Invictus Games event, the couple’s image continues to face challenges. Their strategy of separating their business ventures following the Spotify debacle indicates a shift in approach. This decision aims to give Harry more space to pursue his initiatives, with Megan playing a supporting role. However, the once inseparable duo is facing criticism, and their polarizing brands are under scrutiny.

As they tread forward, it becomes clear that another tumultuous year akin to the last may be unsustainable, especially with two years before their return to the global stage for the Vancouver Whistlers Games in 2025.