Retiring Veteran Accuses Meghan Markle of Skimming Funds, Provides Proof by Switching Off Supplies

During the recent Invictus Games, Meghan Markle found herself facing allegations of fund mismanagement, particularly in relation to the provision of rations for veterans. While Prince Harry and Meghan indulged in a luxurious menu featuring delicacies like Island oysters, snow crab, and truffle Ontario rack of lamb, the veterans were served meals with notably small portions and dishes lacking in protein.
Social media posts revealed that the veterans’ menu included items like mashed potatoes, tomato soup, lemon cake, cheeseburgers, and mushroom pasta, which were deemed insufficient in providing the necessary nutrition and protein for contestants participating in the games.

Critics noted that some of the dishes served to veterans were from Meghan’s cookbook, leading to suspicions of a PR stunt. Insiders claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan didn’t pay adequate attention to the health and dietary needs of the attendees, as very few of the dishes contained sufficient protein.

It was reported that the main source of food for the veterans’ menu came from the World Central Kitchen (WC). However, further investigation raised concerns, as the financial and impact report of the foundation didn’t mention the Invictus Games, despite WC receiving a substantial donation of $300,000 from Archewell in 2021, which represented less than 25% of their total funds received in donations.

The absence of the Invictus Games from their list of grantees in Archewell’s tax return and impact report raised questions about their commitment to supporting veterans.

This revelation led to outrage, with many people criticizing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for what appeared to be performative gestures and speeches without substantial financial support for the cause. It became evident that their actions needed to align with their words, demonstrating genuine care for veterans by making significant contributions to organizations like the Invictus Games.

While Chef Andreas, who is highly regarded by CNN, has done commendable work, his association with the royal couple raised concerns about potential future political influence.

During the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games, Prince Harry delivered an emotional speech in German, acknowledging the profound impact of the games on participants’ recovery journeys. He praised the competitors for opening people’s hearts through their vulnerability, resilience, and shared abilities, emphasizing the positive impact of their actions on millions of people worldwide.