Salma Hayek couldn’t take it anymore and exploded in an interview against her husband

Salma Hayek is one of the most famous and successful women in Mexico, who married the French businessman François-Henri Pinault. Together they have a daughter, Valentina.

They are one of the most stable couples in Hollywood and are often seen together, radiating love in their wake. However, in an interview, the renowned actress revealed that she was suspicious of her husband.

In the best style of a James Bond movie, Salma took on the role of her detective to uncover her husband’s infidelity, and the evidence was immediate. The confession began on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. He asked the actress about the language they spoke at home; Then, she said that, since she spoke Spanish and he spoke French, they decided to speak in English, as a neutral language, but that they did so with a terrible accent.

Salma also confessed that, at home, François was a source of ridicule for his strong accent when speaking in English. This would apparently be the trigger for the alleged infidelity committed by the millionaire since one day he had said that he would find an instructor to help him improve his English and that his wife and daughter would remain silent when they saw that he spoke better. than them, who had been “living in the United States for 67 years.”

During the interview, the actress seemed very outgoing and comfortable with the story, while her interviewer laughed at the actress’s occurrences, and found the right words to make her story increasingly entertaining. She finally admitted to taking her husband’s phone and finding a message from another woman.

Salma used her acting skills to impose a voice that one could imagine of a sensual young woman and then she said: “Hi, I’m Elena, if you want to improve your English, you have to practice. Do you want to practice with me, now?” Salma admitted that she was furious, she had messed with a Mexican; Of course, she was also aware that Elena was the one who was looking for her husband, so she decided to calm down and not say anything to François. She had nothing left to do but trust.

Her decision lasted a few hours, and during dinner, the conversation began in a calm and normal way. She acted like nothing was wrong, that everything was fine. Suddenly, in the middle of the interview, Salma’s face and voice transformed, to recreate the moment in which she furiously demanded to her husband: “Who is Elena?”

The Frenchman’s attempts to evade began: “I don’t know, she must be your cousin, I don’t know any Elena.” Hayek answered as an empowered woman and a true Latina midwife would answer: “Well, you tell Elena that I speak English and that you can practice English with me. “She sent you a message,” the actress concludes.

The stars seemed to adjust and, we assume, from the performance that Salma offered, that François responded to her calmly and serenely: “Do you mean Elsa?” And she, with two stones in her hand, answered: “Elsa, Elena, whoever.” Then her husband, while bursting out laughing and a look of guilt appeared on his wife’s face, answered: “She’s an app, like SIRI, her name is Elsa.”

The guests on Jimmy’s show burst out laughing, and the presenter even applauded Salma’s phenomenal anecdote, who ended by saying that ELSA had not worked for her husband, because the accent was still there, as well as her beautiful marriage, which we hope will last. many more years.