Salma Hayek does not want her daughter Valentina to be an actress

Salma Hayek established herself as an important actress in Latin America and also the United States. Although it became her main profession, the interpreter revealed that she did not want her daughter, Valentina Paloma, to follow in her footsteps.

Since she began her artistic career, Salma Hayek showed that she felt an enormous passion for the profession she had chosen. In this way, not only did she strive to grow and succeed within Latin America with different soap operas and films; But she was also encouraged to pack her bags and move to another country in search of new dreams.

Upon arriving in the United States, her life changed completely: she began to work in different productions that were acclaimed by the audience and she became one of the most beloved Latinas in Hollywood. Although she is the owner of a great fortune and success, the star revealed that she does not want her daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, to follow in her footsteps.

For those who don’t know Valentina Paloma, the girl is 15 years old and, without a doubt, she inherited her mother’s beauty. Although we have not yet seen her work as an actress, she surely also has the talent of a Hollywood star. Therefore, Salma Hayek is already prepared in advance.

In a recent interview, the actress decided to break the silence and spoke about her family, which she usually keeps protected under seven keys. Although she began her artistic career at just 19 years old in 1988, she revealed that she does not want her daughter with François-Henri Pinault to be so public and harassed by the spotlight. In her eyes, she is still very small.

The truth is that the teenager has a very secretive life and is away from the cameras, despite having two very well-known parents. On more than one occasion, she also made it clear that she would like to learn acting and dedicate herself to this profession like her mother. Of course, Hayek knows that she has a lot of talent, but that she is still too small to stand up to Hollywood.

“When you act very young you lose your anonymity. I think that on a general level, the best thing is to maintain and have a life strategy that allows you to have an artistic side, a professional side, and another as a woman, knowing that one of those things always takes a little risk,” Salma acknowledged with total sincerity.

“Each person has a different sensitivity: you have to put it together, there is really no one to tell you how to do it. It means understanding what you sacrifice, what you give, or what you take away,” the star said. Without a doubt, the Mexican believes in the talent and opportunities that her daughter will have in the future. Even so, she is also very afraid as a mother of the difficulties and difficult moments she will face.

Curiously, Valentina Paloma Pinault not only wants to be an actress like her mother but also a producer and director. “I would like to be an actress and then a director because that is what makes sense in my head. Furthermore, I think it must be more complicated to be a director if you do not have experience on the other side of the screen, that could help direct,” she commented. the girl on one occasion.