Salma Hayek looked in her first casting for a Mexican soap opera

She was 20 years old and she appeared on the Televisa network to try herself as an actress in a short scene.

Salma Hayek belongs to the Parnassus of Hollywood Latin artists and she is one of the great figures of entertainment in Mexico of all time.

However, even though her success is a constant in her career, her beginnings in front of the camera were less than glamorous. Specifically, her career as an actress began 35 years ago, since at that time she appeared at her first casting.

The Mexican actress, star of House of Gucci and The Eternals, among others, started on Mexican television working on the soap operas The Alley of Miracles and Teresa. For these works, where she achieved significant popularity, she was distinguished and made her leap into the United States film industry.

How Salma Hayek looked at her first casting 35 years ago
The material from the actress’s first casting was shown on the Despierta América program. There the drivers pointed out that it was exclusive material that had never been disclosed.

During the casting for the Televisa network, the Mexican began with a presentation. “Hi, I’m Salma Hayek, I’m 20 years old and I’m in the first group of the second year of the training center and I don’t have any experience”, she said and then started with her work.

Salma Hayek auditioned to wear a green blouse and a dark skirt. La Veracruzana was produced with a very usual hairstyle in the 1990s. After her first words, she began with the lines of text that she had to go through in her scene.

“And here it is. You haven’t called dear if you told me. If you could speak to me with your own voice, instead of just transmitting mine and his. What will your voice be like?” were the first lines of the scene of the actress who went to a landline.

Finally, the actress kept the character and shined in the soap opera Teresa. Then her course is already known: she succeeded in Hollywood and today, at 55, she looks splendid.

Salma Hayek at the SAG Awards
On Sunday night, the actress had an awkward moment at the SAG Awards when Michael Keaton won a statuette, but he was not in the room, and, took a long time to receive the award from Salma Hayek.

Keaton won the acting award for his role in Dopesick. After announcing his name, Salma Hayek stared around her and no one came on stage. There was a long, awkward silence. After several seconds, Hayek began to get nervous.

“Are you kidding me? I have stage fright,” Hayek scolded Keaton. And she urged him on, “Come on, Michael. Come on, Michael.”

Keaton came running onto the stage and didn’t even bother to calmly walk up the stairs, instead dashing off at a brisk pace. And he had a good reason for being late.

“Thank you very much,” Keaton said after collecting the award from Hayek. “Sorry, I was late because I had to make a quick trip to the men’s room. And it was full, by the way.”

After thanking Keaton, he gave an emotional speech in which he dedicated the award to his nephew, who died of a drug overdose.