Sharon Stone, filming Based Instincts was the worst thing that happened in her life

We all remember Sharon Stone’s provocative crossing of her legs in the nineties film Low Instincts, and there is no doubt that it was that scene that catapulted the actress to fame.

However, for her, it is far from being a good memory. From health problems to the estrangement of her son, the actress revealed details of the setup and the consequences of this scene that literally left us speechless.

During her participation in the podcast Table For Two With Bruce Bozzi, the renowned actress from the movie Casino revealed that Low Instincts was used as justification for her to take away custody of her little son. She sadly revealed, “I lost custody of my son, Roan. The judge asked my little boy, who was only 4 years old at the time: ‘Did you know that your mother stars in adult films?'”

It happened in 2004, when more than a decade had passed since the film and she was divorcing her ex-husband, Phil Bronstein. Stone married Bronstein in 1998, six years after the release of Low Instincts. Due to the impossibility of having biological children, the couple decided to adopt Roan in 2000.

However, their marriage ended four years later and, although they initially shared custody of Roan, Bronstein later took on primary responsibility for her care. Apparently, the judge had resorted to that scene as a strategy to take the child away from him.

In the same interview, Stone spoke about the serious health challenges she had to face after that traumatic event. In fact, she had to receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic due to an arrhythmia. “It literally broke my heart,” she confessed.

The positive thing is that despite all these legal obstacles, Stone and Roan have managed to maintain a close relationship over the years. In 2019, the star carried out the necessary legal procedures to add “Stone” to the boy’s name, thus demonstrating that her bond and love for him are unalterable. She also proudly shared a photo of Roan on her IG account with the caption: “Roan Stone.”

And there are still more. According to what she has said in her memoirs published in 2021, the famous scene was filmed based on deception. In other words, she didn’t know that her private parts would be exposed to the camera. The director, Paul Verhoeven, told her at the time that her panties reflected the light from the projectors and that this affected the aesthetics of the scene. Under these circumstances, Sharon agreed to film her without wearing underwear. But the fragment of the film was designed so that nothing could be seen of the actress. And, as we all know, the exact opposite happened.

Upon finding out about it, she became enraged and spoke to her attorney to obtain a court order preventing the film from being played. But ultimately Sharon’s doubts and insecurity at the time led her to agree to the publication of the scene. She made this decision because she did not want to put her career at risk and because she found herself with few options to pursue a legal battle. She was unaware at the time that this hesitation would cost her no more and no less than the custody of her son.

The good thing is that today Sharon seems happy. It is undeniable that she was able to sustain her life, take care of her health and, despite everything, enjoy her son.

Of course, Sharon Stone is not the only showbiz star who has had to film uncomfortable scenes. In fact, many celebrities have talked about it in interviews showing how what we enjoyed watching was not so pleasant for them. Yes, in the world of Hollywood, nothing is what it seems.